Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Top 3 Mods for Honda Spree

The Honda Spree was only in production from 1984 to 1987, but it made quite an impression during that short time. It is a first-class scooter that you can still see on roadways around the country. Fortunately, you can wear much of the same motorcycle riding gear on this vehicle as any other bike. However, if you really want to take performance to the next level, then you need to purchase genuine Honda Spree parts to install in your scooter. You can make your scooter faster or make it perform better with the right parts. It may be a few decades old, but you can bring your scooter into the 21st century with a few modifications.
1.        Mikuni Flat Slide Smoothbore Carburetor
A new carburetor can make your Spree run much more smoothly. This particular one drastically cuts down on turbulence, so you enjoy smoother rides as you take your scooter around town. It achieves this by enhancing air flow efficiency. It also gets rid of many of the obstacles and orifices you tend to find in carb throats. Once you start riding around with this new carburetor, you will notice a boost in horsepower and velocity. This carburetor is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, so you may even be able to incorporate it into other projects in your garage.
2.        Kenda K329 Scooter Tire
Sporting casual wear on your scooter is nice, but you want to make sure the ride itself can back up your aesthetic. Many scooter enthusiasts find the best way to do this is by installing new tires, and for your Honda Spree, you need the Kenda K329 Scooter Tire. It features a performance style tread pattern that gives you a superb balance between wet weather traction and mileage. You will actually be able to enjoy the ride around town, even if it is raining outside. It comes with a four-play rating, so you can trust the reviews you read for it.
3.        Chris Products Motorcycle License Frame & Reflectors
There are many extensive modifications you can perform on your scooter. However, one of the most beneficial adjustments you can make requires very little effort on your end. You should consider installing the Chris Products motorcycle license frame reflectors onto your vehicle. When you are on a scooter, you are more exposed than if you were inside a standard sedan. You need to be visible to all other cars on the road at all times. These reflectors help you stand out even if it is dark out. You have your choice of what colors you want the frame and reflectors to come in, including black and amber, black and green or chrome and green.
You do not want your ride to look like every other scooter on the road. Instead of going along with the crowd, you can make your scooter perfectly designed to your tastes with a few simple modifications. The best part is that you can buy all of these supplies online in a matter of minutes. Find a reputable scooter and motorcycle shop online to get what you need.


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