Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Why Life Gets Better at 30

"Life is too short to be lived counting the years.
Just enjoy the ride and make awesome memories."
It is again the time of the year when I add a number on my age.
Well, nobody wants to age but for me, age just numbers and what matters most is what you feel inside and out.
Can you guess what my age is?
Well, this will be shown here first.
I am turning 30 this coming September 28 and I am so thrilled and excited about it.
They said that when you turn 30, life gets better and you have it all figured out.
So for today, I would like to share with you why I think that life gets better at 30:
(1) I learned that some things and people can't be changed the way you wanted
This is on a positive note that yes change is the only permanent thing in this world.
Without change, there's no progress in life.
But there are certain things we can't control like changing somebody else or certain things.
What we can do is to control our response to it.
So if that so, just let it go and move on your life.
(2) Life is too short to worry about things that are not worth it
When I was in the 20s, I pretty care much about everything.
My looks, my plan in life and if I said everything, it is like my whole life.
But right now, what I cared about are those things that are worthy in my life.
I learned to breathe in and give some space to myself.
(3) Start in SAVING
You know not everyone in their 30s has this what you called savings.
But as I grew older and given that I didn't grow up in a rich family, I truly care every cent I am spending.
That's why I ought to myself to have a savings or what do you call money which I can pull when in case of emergency or if ever I am planning to invest to something big like a business.
I always monitor my spending and bills payment and make sure that I had something to take a side for my savings.
(4) Start caring about my HEALTH
I know some people don't think that exercising is always the best solution.
But for me, this is a great benefit to me especially to my body and mental health.
Through this, I can release my stress and also provide the care my body needed.
Eating healthy option is always my thing right now and I become more careful about what I take in my body.
(5) I learned to continue growing and develop myself
I accept the fact that nobody is perfect and each of us has their timeline.
We just need to work hard and live with a passion for us to reach our goals.
Developing oneself is the best key to achieve this.
The number one on goal is to become a better person each day.
So how do you find my list?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
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