The Bandwagon Chic by Zarrah Jane is a Life + Style + Travel blog that records Zarrah's daily inspirations, beauty discoveries, food adventures and amazing travels.
Her blog started when she decided to work abroad and start her journey there.
Being faraway from the family is one of the biggest issue.
She was working 8am-6pm job in Abu Dhabi since 2013.
To be honest the desk job is quite boring and she doesn't find it amusing sitting down for hours.
She is a very adventurous person and loves to connect with people, nature, etc.
Before that, she was very active in Instagram when it comes to sharing her daily life and especially her outfits.
Some people are asking or rather suggesting to why not put up her own blog or site.
Then one day, she had an idea to why not make her own blog?
She was hesitant at first because she really doesn't have any idea on how to run a blog or a site.
She also don't have an IT background to create and run a site.
Well everything is just facts, not until she started making a site in Blogger which she doesn't have her own domain or rather site name.
Her first post is about how she is doing that day.
It was all plain text and ranting on how her day was.
Then, an idea came up and let her to put up her #ootd which she is also posted in instagram to be shared live.
She received good feedbacks and comments in her blog.
Back then, she is using her Iphone5s phone to capture her outfits not until she decided to buy her very first DSLR and started shooting outdoors by herself.
It's very hard at first especially when she don't have any photographer friend and she just point and shoot herself by timer.
One of the challenges is also editing the photos.
She don't have any knowledge with Photoshop and just relay to an online editing site such as Picmonkey wherein it only edit simple features of the photo.
Well, it helps her a lot through the years and that's why her blog is been standing for years now.
Zarrah has been proactive since she was still studying. She joined a lot of groups and sports team since then.
She's been a volleyball team member, softball player, choir member, dance group member, badminton team member and table tennis team member.
When she is in college, she joined various contest and she always try to be on top of the class wherein she became dean lister and graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines as a scholar of one of the famous company in the Philippines.
She has been featured to various media such as Kabayan Weekly, Zomato, Atelier, etc. and been invited to prestigious events.
She is always on top when it comes to product launching and collaboration.
Currently, Zarrah is now standing to further make her blog more appealing and make amazing content so that she can give back to her readers, followers & fellow bloggers.
She hopes that you enjoy reading her blog and she is forever thankful for always supporting her along her journey.


  1. Hej! Świetny post, jesteś naprawdę megaaa śliczna :)

    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie :

  2. You look extremely pretty, and your fashion taste is exquisite! I love all of these photos of you and love every one of the different outfits you styled and wore in the photos above!!!
    Thank you very much for your recent comment on my blog 'Full Brief Panties'! I love your blog posts here very much.
    I also love your (The Bandwagon Chic's) YouTube channel videos (I just subscribed) and hope you will consider stopping by and subscribing to my YouTube Channel as well. I do plan to make and upload more videos there. I also love the Tweets on your Twitter @BandwagonChic and will Follow you there as well as on your YouTube and on your blog. My Twitter is @Panty_Buns.
    P.S.: I like your YouTube video VLOG #1: My Dresslink Collaboration + Very First Vlog | The Bandwagon Chic - YouTube :D


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