Saturday, November 23, 2019

Day Trips You Can Take from London

A vacation in London can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with endless attractions, shopping and places to eat. However, lots of tourists want to see more of the UK and experience the country outside the capital, so here are some day trips that are just a short train ride away from London. 
If you want to see where some of the world’s most amazing minds were educated, then look to Cambridge. This charming city is just an hour from London by train, but has a more relaxed vibe, with bookshops, cyclists and the River Cam which you can explore by boat. Make time to visit the University of Cambridge, many of its colleges have their own museums and collections, and there are many spectacular sights, from the Botanic Gardens to the impressive King’s Chapel.
On England’s south coast, Brighton is an eclectic city that’s very colorful and has a little of everything. It’s known for its amazing nightlife, but during the day, there’s plenty to do, from strolling on the beach to shopping in boutiques and finding unique items. Brighton is also a great place to try fish and chips, with fresh seafood caught just off the coast.
If you want to see the typical suburban areas of Britain, then Surrey is just a short train ride away. The green countryside, stately homes, and historical sites on offer are simply unmissable and makes it’s ideal for those interested in British history. You can immerse yourself in British culture by finding some of the best pubs in Surrey and enjoying some English food and local beers. Surrey is a popular retreat for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking too. 
Bath is an utterly beautiful city, full of Georgian architecture and cobbled streets. If you want to see a historic British city that has changed little since the olden days, then it’s worth the day trip. It takes about 90 minutes to get from London to Bath, and the view of the countryside is pleasant too, making it a nice journey outside of peak times. Once you’re in Bath, you’ll probably want to see the Roman Baths that the city is named after, and you can even book a thermal spa experience for a relaxing treat.
Many visitors to the UK want to know more about the royal family, and although there are some royal-themed sights in London, Windsor is a much more regal town. Here you can see Windsor Castle, the Queen’s official residence, and St. George’s Chapel where a number of royal weddings, funerals, and ceremonies have taken place. 
A visit to London doesn’t mean you’re confined to the capital alone. London has excellent transport links, so it’s often a matter of hopping on a train and you can get to a number of cities and towns in less than a couple of hours. Whether you want to see historic towns, experience nightlife or do some shopping, there’s more to the UK than just London.
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