Thursday, September 19, 2019

What to Consider When Dressing for a Summer Wedding

There’s a huge list of items to think about when it comes to planning your dream wedding, no matter the month or season. Yet, summer weddings require you to think about how your day might be affected overall by the heat, and that includes fashion choices.

Here are some tips for deciding what to wear as the bride and mother of the bride for that big day.

As the Bride
Naturally, what you wear for your summer wedding as the bride is more important that what other members of the wedding party and attendees have to consider. The following are all areas you will have already considered as a bride, but having a summer wedding makes them even more crucial.
·        Your Dress
With a summer wedding, you must consider the potential of overbearing heat. If your dream dress is a large and heavy princess style or has long sleeves, you need to decide whether this will be bearable to wear all day in high temperatures. You may feel more comfortable in a lighter fabric and a floatier design so you can remain cool throughout your special day.
·        Your Shoes
No matter the season, your bridal shoes need to be comfortable. In summer, however, your feet may end up swelling due to the heat, so you need to be prepared for this. Tight and fitted shoes that fit perfectly when tried on during colder months may suddenly be difficult to wear when your feet are hot and sticky. To solve this, you may want to purchase some back-ups in a larger size.
·        Your Hair and Make Up
If you’re employing a hair and makeup artist, they will undoubtedly be able to offer the best advice and products to maintain your look throughout a very hot day. You may want to opt for an up-do if your hair is long and thick to avoid feeling weighed down by it throughout the day. Thick layers of makeup may also result in you feeling stickier as the day wears on.
As the Mother of the Bride
Choosing the perfect outfit as the mother of the bride can be exciting yet stressful. You want to look your best, but you naturally don’t want to outshine the bride. You can find a great range of mother of the bride outfits for a summer wedding at that are sure to make you feel stylish.
·        A Dress or Pants?
You may have decided you’d like to wear a pant suit, but hot summer weather may call more for a skirt or dress. You can always make a pant suit more summery by opting for a bright color or a floral option, but consider that you might be too hot.
·        A Hat or No Hat?
Mothers of the bride traditionally wear a hat of some form. This can be both a blessing and a curse in warm weather, as it can help to shield your eyes and face from bright sunlight but can also serve to feel heavy on your head during difficult temperatures. You may want to opt for a lighter fascinator that is more comfortable throughout the day.

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