Tuesday, July 17, 2018

10 Facts About Me + Happy 1 Million Views

"Facts are true whether or not you believe them."
When the year 2018 started I had the resolution to be a bit more personal here on my blog.
I know there's a lot of new and old readers here in my blog who are supporting me since 2013 but I never get a chance to share facts about myself.
We all know that INSTAGRAM also has the feature in their stories about asking questions so I am encouraging everyone to the same and keep asking questions.
So for today, I would love to share with you my personal side and here it goes:
When I was a kid, I used to join competitions in our community and even school.
Whether its singing, dancing, quiz bees or any other activities, you can make sure that I'm on top of that.
This is always been my dream is to travel the world.
I have the wanderlust feeling of wanting to explore new places, adapt to local culture and even knowing the historical background of such places.
Some of the jobs I think is worth pursuing on this are a travel writer, flight attendant, cruise crew or a pilot.
I will be happy to share with your that one of my accomplishments is when I become a manager at the age of 20.
Just after one day of my graduation, I become an official manager and employed.
I become a scholar of this company when I was still studying and they trained me as a management trainee.
So before graduation right after the training, I apply to them and I am happy that I got employed by them.
On my desk, you may usually find some magnets or souvenirs of the places I visited.
When I am traveling, I always make sure to buy souvenirs especially refrigerator magnets which I am posting on my CPU.
5) I LOVE..
I love cats so much to the fact that I even feel that I am a cat in my previous life.
I even tried eating Whiskas - food for the cats.
6) I'M AFRAID...
This might be funny and usual but I'm afraid of cockroaches especially that one who is flying.
I am a very adventurous person but this one really let me scream on top of my lungs.
One of them is eating a tub of ice cream especially when it is avocado flavor.
I know I am on a strict diet which is Keto diet but when I splurge myself, I am usually seen indulging a tub of this.
I feel guilty when I am missed drinking green tea in the morning.
It felt like something is missing or wrong.
I have drinking green tea since 2012 and from day one, I feel that this is something I can't live without.
Well, I will be honest with you that when Star Wars Movies are popping everywhere, I really don't get the point of watching this.
I have never watched any movies or series at all that's why when there's a topic about this with my friends or even online, I keep my mouth shut because I can't share my opinion to something I don't know.
10) I HATE..
Changing plans or being indecisive because I am an organized kind of person so changing plans will really freak me out.
I used to plan ahead of time so when something changes, I have a hard time swallowing it up.
How do you find my list?
In celebration of my 1 Million Page Views, I would like to nominate my fellow bloggers who I think inspires me in my blogging journey and I am hoping that you would share your 10 Facts About Yourself.
So here it goes:
* Rena of Dressed with Soul
* Jalisa of The Style Contour
* Pam of Pam Scalfi
* Mica of Away from the Blue
* Nancy of Exquisitely Me
Can't wait to see your post!
Thanks for reading.
Have a great week ahead.
LOCATION: Bus Stop Dive Resort, Bauan, Batangas
WHAT I WORE: ZAFUL two piece set

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