Sunday, August 2, 2015


Happy August and Sunday too!
Thank you so much for all your lovely response to my previous post FLORAL MIDI SKIRT regarding blog comment and I'm happy that everyday i'm learning something from my readers and fellow bloggers too. 
Anyways, my outfit featured today is my classic black dress. :)
I love this dress because it's so light and doesn't give me sweats.
If you just remember my previous outfit post where I feature my leopard scarf and make it as a cape. Check it out here SCARF STYLE 
In here, I make it as shawl since my dress is short sleeve and I want to look a little bit corporate at work-- i put up my versatile scarf to give some classy look.
I'm not a fan of heels too so I opt to wear a simple black shoes this time.
I love comfy shoes when i'm at work so I can run and walk comfortably around the area though heels give you some catwalk effect. (if you know what I mean)
How about you? 
What do you prefer? 
Heels or flats at work?
I hope everyone's having a good day so far and let's start the month with full of love and happiness.
Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day ahead.
ZARA dress | H&M scarf | H&M necklace | PAYLESS shoes | BLAULING watch

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