Monday, August 17, 2015


Happy Monday!
Today's outfit post feature my plaid top.
I love this top so much because it is comfy and easy to pull with any jeans.
Anyway, I would like also to thank Lynn Hoa for nominating me for sisterhood of the world blogger award.
It's nice to know that this award recognizes the unique voices of female bloggers around the world.
So here how it goes:
* Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
* Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.
* Nominate 10 bloggers
* Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.
So here my answers to Lynn's questions:
1. Are you a successful blogger? If yes, why? - I can't say that i'm successful enough to be a blogger. I think it needs a lot of hard work and time for us to make it. As for the moment, i'm happy on what i am doing and glad to see people lovin' to visit and read my blog.
2. Why are you blogging? - I am blogging because I want to express myself thoroughly whether it's on writing or in pictures.
3. What is your favorite Instagram filter? - I love to see my IG grid in HD so I don't usually put filters on my photos. What i'm doing is i'm editing the contrast and lightning.
4. Which is your favorite destination on your travels? - My favorite destination as a moment is Puerto Galera in Philippines. I think the place is so clean and neat for a beach like that.
5. Who is your favorite designer? - My favorite designer are Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang.
6. Who is taking all the pictures for your fashion blog? - My best friend and my husband but sometimes i took photos of myself too.
7. How much time do spend on editing a picture? - I spend 1-2 hours max.
8. Which camera are you using? - I used Nikon D5100 :)
9. Who is your favorite blogger? - My favorite blogger as the moment are GaryPepperGil and Kim Jones
10. Where are you from? - I'm from the beautiful country, Philippines.
I nominate this people because I love what they are doing in their blog and I think they inspire people through blogging:
1.  The Fashion Rose 2. Away from the Blue 3. Doreens Style Diary 4.  Mahryska 5.  Jhem Says 6. FashionablyIdu 7. Left Bank Girl 8. Aimee Bustillo 9. The Elle Next Door 10. Emotera Goddess 
And here are my questions for them:
1. What keeps you from blogging?
2. What are 3 essentials a blogger must have?
3. Best comment on your blog so far.
4. What is the best thing about blogging?
5. Can you name 3 blogs that inspire you the most?
6. As a blogger, what do you think we can contribute to the community?
7. If given a chance to switch lives with someone, who will it be and why?
8. What camera are you using?
9. What is your photo editor?
10. Give a quote that best represent your blogging life.
Thank you reading.
I hope you had a great day.
And remember to keep empowering women!
FOREVER21 top | PULL & BEAR jeans | KEDS shoes | ICONIC bag

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