Friday, August 14, 2015


Happy Weekend!
If you will ask me what place I want to spend my entire life?
I would definitely said 'beach'.
I love going to the beach because I feel that i'm connected with it.
Excuse my color as I grew up in a tropical country full of beaches.
When I live and work in a foreign country, the first thing that I wonder if they have beach nearby.
Luckily, though i live in a sand pit, they still have places like this.
My place is just walking distance to it which I prefer and that's just so sweet.
When i'm stress, I just walk along the beach and everything seems to get better.
I feel that I was born on the beach-- not literally born there but my heart and my mind stays with it.
Anyways, if you guys remember my previous post wherein I ask you my fellow readers if you have questions you want to ask me and here are my answers:
1. Q: Who or what inspired you to start your blog? – Mica of Away From The Blue
A: Before I started blogging, I always make it on point to post my outfit on my Instagram. So I got an idea on why not have my own fashion blog site?, and share my outfit ideas there. That’s why I come up with my blog now.
2. Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from? How do you begin the whole process of publishing an article? - The Avant Guardian
A: I love to dress up a lot even on my regular working days and sometimes I don’t plan my outfit on that day. If I found a piece of clothes—what I’m doing is that I create an outfit on my mind.
3. Q: Tell me your favorite journey, or place you had visited. – Aisha of Aishettina
A: My favorite journey is when I trek a mountain in our home country for almost 13 hours straight. I can’t believe that I actually walked wearing running shoes.
Burj Khalifa is the best place I visited so far, if you know that it is the tallest artificial structure in the world. My experience there is breathtaking.
4. Q: What camera do you use in taking your outfit shots? - Emotera Goddess
A: I used my Nikon D5100 and sometimes my rollei action camera to take outfit, travel and food photos. When I’m lazy to bring this, I just used my iphone5s to take photos.
5. Q: What is your favorite blog post that you've written so far? – Monika of Violet Roots
A: My favorite blog post would be in my previous blog—my Puerto Galera adventure with my besties.
6. Q: When did you first get into fashion? Or have you been one of the girls that always used to raid her mother’s wardrobe, starting from a young age? – Linda of Linda Libra Loca
A: Actually, it’s vice versa, my mom loves to raid my closet as we are in same size. Even when I was a kid, I love to put clothes on myself. I even joined some modeling agencies to pursue it.
7. Q: What is your go-to outfit? – Jasmine of Be The Plebian
A: Jeans, white top or sleeveless top and sneakers.
8. Q: What’s the craziest thing you've ever done? – Angelina of Angelina Is
A: Ahahhah, I have lots of crazy stuff. Well, I don’t want to state each one of them but the one that I remember is when I was in college—me and my besties raid the men’s restroom and enter the room like we’re innocent and feel lost.
9. Q: What attracted you to fashion and what inspires you every day? -  Shireen of Reflection of Sanity
A: I’m happy to hear people that they love my outfit even at home, work or just around the corner. It really inspires me to be better and continue what I’m doing.
10. Q: What is your favorite time of the day?

If you could keep only one item from your closet and had to replace all the others with new ones, what would that one item be? – Ivana of A Little Place to Call My Own
A: My favorite time of the day would be dusk because I love watching the sunset. I think I would keep my PJ’s as I love sleeping and can’t leave without it.
11. Q: How outfit ideas come to you. Like how do you come up with your outfits? – Kuo of Hello Kuo
A: Sometimes I don’t plan my outfits when I’m not in the mood. And most of the time I’m not in the mood since I’m getting up early for work. If I see one piece of cloth in my closet, I just add and paired it with whatever I prefer.
12. Q: What was the funniest or memorable moment as a blogger for you? – Ira of Journal of Style
A: The funniest moment I have experience would be asking somebody to take photo of my outfit that day just because I’m alone and dying to take some great shots because the lighting is so nice. The twist is that they are couple both enjoying the view and sunset at the moment.
Thank you so much for these beautiful people who send over their questions.
If you want to check them out, just click their blog name.
Thanks for reading.
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