Sunday, August 23, 2015


Happy Sunday!
It's nice to start the week right so for today's outfit I featured my striped top.
When i'm lazy and not feeling myself during the day, I prefer to wear something comfortable and easy.
This top surely suit my lazy kind of day outfit idea.
Though we have that kind of day, we still make sure that we had something to look forward during the day so I make a to do list today to share with you guys and i hope i can do it before the week ends.
Here are my top 10 must do list for this week:
1. Clean up my car -- so weekend had been so much busy for me that I forgot to clean up my car. 
2. Research for a training course -- i know it's been months since I last attended a training school and i think i'm locked up on my desk.
3. Make at least 3 post in a week -- busy month for me! nyaaaayy! so i'm going to make it up with you guys.
4. Pamper for the weekend -- i skipped last weekend so this is my time to make it up on myself.
5. Learn more about lightroom -- so i'm starting to love lightroom and i think i need to learn more about it.
6. Call my parents way back home -- i know it's been months since I last talked to them and I feel guilty about that. I need to do something this week.
7. Clean up my desk -- remove all the unnecessary papers and clutters that's swinging around my desk.
8. Work out twice this week -- ohhh I pig out a lot last week so I need to get it going.
9. Remove the negative thoughts on my mind -- yahhh! ladies have this kind of mood swings during the month so I think this week is my moment but I need to be positive and breathe it out.
10. Have fun during the week -- i know time flies so fast and we need to take it easy and just have fun with it.
I hope I can do this list within the week.
I know I can and I hope you can support me.
So if you are in SNAPCHAT, you can see my daily updates and funny snaps-- (username: bandwagonchic)
By the way, i credit my title today to Tanya of Stripes N' Vibes
Thanks for reading
Have a nice day ahead.
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