Monday, November 18, 2019

An All-In-One Serum and Oil without the Sticky Feeling!

"Taking care of your skin is better than covering it up."
SEOULUNNI is an online beauty shopping mall which sells the most trendy and unique of the K-Beauty products in Southeast Asia.
K-Beauty is the common language of beautiful people.
Even if we live in a different environment and have a different lifestyle, we can communicate with the language of K-Beauty to pursue real beauty.
SEOULUNNI promises:
Just like the food we eat, the beauty products we use should be safe.
SEOULUNNI provides the legally-approved products of better quality in the Philippines.
Skin Booster Milk Oil Serum visibly correct dark spots that brighten the skin for increased radiance and clarity.
It contains 10% of milk protein that can brighten and improve wrinkles.
It delivers rich hydration for a smooth, bright complexion.
Here are some of the benefits:
* Even out skin tone and boosts radiance
A quick-absorbing serum that penetrates the skin's surface to help correct the appearance of dark spots and unify skin tone.
* Hydrates and brightens the look of skin
It helps the skin to be visibly brighter, more even, and radiant with a visible improvement in clarity.
* Serum and oil All-in-one!
It is lightweight but helps skin appear softer and nourished for a healthy-looking glow.
What is milk protein?
It is an ingredient extracted from milk protein and contains many nutrients.
Its satiny formula absorbs into the skin so it can correct dark spots such as acne scars, pigmentation, melasma, and sunspots.
This product is recommended for those who want non-greasy but moisturizing serum, those who want non-sticky oil serum, and those who have dry skin and want intense moisturizer.
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