Wednesday, November 6, 2019

It's the Jolly Season! Zen Zest & Scent Station Gift Sets are now in stores!

This is the season to be jolly indeed!
Just a few more days till the holidays and our favorite local fragrance brands Zen Zest and Scent Station are back with their best-selling holiday gift sets!
It has been a long-standing tradition, that Filipinos share love and joy among friends and families during the holiday season. As soon as the -ber months come rolling in, lists are created stating the perfect gift for each person. 
However, last-minute gift needs are something that cannot be avoided. Don’t worry, Zen Zest and Scent Station got you covered. 
Over the years, both brands have provided quality and affordable gift sets which loved ones will surely be excited to receive. This year, nine different gift sets are being released that consumers can choose from!
1) Sugar Rush in Box 
Zen Zest’s cute and refreshing line of body spritz perfect of teens and teens at heart!
You can purchase them at Php60.00 each.
Its affordability will even allow you to purchase the whole line to give a truly sweet sugar candy rush to your loved ones!
2) 2 in 1 Christmas Inspired Body Spray for Women 
This Christmas Edition body sprays for women comes in 60ml bottles (Winter Apple & Sparkling Snowflake) that’ll surely make your loved ones feel the spirit of the holidays!
It also comes in a cute pink window box and retails at Php99.00 each set.
3) 2 in 1 Zen Zest Body Spray for Men 
Packed in a 2 in 1 box is our collection of men’s body spray.
Perfect for men who are always on the go. Retails at Php99.00 per set too!
4) Body Wash with Loofa Set 
A moisturizing and fresh smelling body wash that comes with a loofa and retail at Php99.00 per set! 
5) 2 in 1 Christmas Body Spray for Women 
If our 60ml body spray bottles are not enough, here’s one in a 75ml cute and classy bottle packaging.
It is also comes in 2 Christmas inspired scents, Snow Angel & Christmas Fairy and is still affordable at Php150.00 per set.
6) Aromatherapy Roll-Ons in a box 
Still, haven’t found the perfect gift for the #TitasofManila?
Zen Zest’s got you covered with their best-selling Aromatherapy Roll-On in a classy box packaging.
You can still choose from any of their best-selling scents: Energize, Uplift & Sleep.
Each box is sold at Php150.00 
7) Tea Tree Body Care Set 
A cult favorite! Our best-selling Tea Tree duo in a box so cute, it doesn’t need wrapping!
This best part? You can get this cute set for only Php199.00.
8) Eau de Cologne (EDC) in a box 
Take your friends back in memory lane when you give them one of Zen Zest’s best-selling EDC’s!
This line has truly been the go-to fragrance of every college student!
A perfect blend of freshness and light scent that would suit almost anyone and everyone! Grab one at Php120.00 each.
9) Scent Station 2-in-1 C-Series 
The series has always been a crowd favorite because of the wide selection of scents and its sleek and compact packaging that fits in perfectly with your every bag.
Grab a 2 in 1 gift set for only Php100.00!
BONUS: Scent Station Limited Edition for Him & Her Eau de Toilettes in a box 
Scent Station will be selling these sleek and perfect for travel 20ml EDT’s in an awesome blue and pink box packaging.
Perfect for gift giving and also very affordable at Php75.00 each. 
Start the Christmas shopping game right!
Head to the nearest Zen Zest and Scent Station store and find the perfect scent! 
For a list of the branches near you, you can check out these links: Zen Zest Branches / Scent Station Branches.
For more info, you can also follow them on their socials: 
@ilovezenzest / @ilovescentstation
How do you find this?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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