Friday, February 1, 2019

How To Breathe New Life Into Your Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space where you live, are you making the best use of it, or has it been neglected? Could it do with a breath of fresh air or a horticultural makeover? Chances are, if you’re not using your garden as much as you should, it’s because it isn’t a place you enjoy spending time in anymore. That’s a shame because having somewhere to chill after work is a blessing many city dwellers would be rather jealous of.
If your garden is underused, the answer is to make some changes so it becomes the welcoming oasis of calm it could be. It’s just like any other room in your home – if the d├ęcor is getting tired or out of date and you’re not using the room, give it a fresh start with a new coat of paint – or in the case of your garden, try these ideas.
1.     Tidying up. Before you contemplate any garden makeover projects, clear the decks and reveal what you’ve got hidden in the undergrowth. Get rid of any weeds, dead plants, and rubbish first of all, then cut back any plants that have got out of hand. You’ll find instructions on how to prune shrubs and perennials on any good gardening website.
2.     Assess your space and look for anything worth saving. There could be a surprising number of decent plants that just need moving to a better position, dividing, or pruning, and you might have some nice features that are worth saving, like a rockery.
3.     Put in some new features. Now you have a clear space, you can set about bringing some life back to the space by adding water features, arches, statement plants, statues or other forms of artwork. Water features are a highlight in a garden, being calming to look at and listen to and adding plenty of interest even in the smallest space. Add some pond lighting and you can enjoy the effects after dark as well.
4.     Tidy up the hard landscaping. Paving, decking, walls, and fences; anything that’s not a living plant will benefit from some attention if it’s been neglected for a while. Repairing, replacing if required, and cleaning will make a noticeable impact on how smart and fresh your garden looks.
5.     Fill in the spaces with new plants. There are several different ways you can tackle this stage, for example, you could buy in decent sized herbaceous plants to fill the space, plant it with bright and cheerful annuals, or turn it into a low maintenance style of garden, which is a good idea if you don’t have a lot of time. It’s perfect for plants that are native to hot, desert countries! Or you could just buy some seeds and scatter them around and let nature take its course.
Garden spaces, no matter how small or awkward they might appear, are a precious resource that can brighten up your day and enhance your life. Make the most of yours by breathing some new life into it.

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