Sunday, September 9, 2018

What I Want For My Birthday

"We're not getting old, we're getting awesome."
When I heard that 'ber' months is coming, all I know is that not only Christmas is coming but also my birthday.
September is a a busy month and most of the time have long days.
Sometimes people are asking about what do you want for your birthday or what is your plan for your birthday.
I am the kind of person who usually, just ignores it because some of the things I wish are of course need some budget/ money to spend on.
So when my birthday comes, I am always at lost because adulting life is hard.
To be honest, I don't usually create a wish list for my birthday and this is the first time I am going to do when I am almost out of the calendar.(if you know what I mean)
So without further ado, here's the 10 items for my birthday wishlist.
Who doesn't want a gorgeous designer bag right?
All women do and that's why it landed on my wish list.
I always love this coords outfit which I think is perfect for working out and even for everyday wear.
It looks so comfy and can pair to any shoes.
I am an apple user and definitely landing my hands on this will make me the happiest.
Since the camera has high resolution, that would be perfect taking photos without bringing my SLR cam.
I am a backpack lover so when this brand boom in, I totally fell in love.
This faux leather design and color is my favorite.
I found this activity in the app Klook and I love the fact that they offer cheaper activities across Asia.
I always love the idea of visiting this for an adult like me.
Traveling is my passion which includes going to places with water and adventure.
I felt bad when my action cam got broken from my last trip because the water went inside.
This will be very handy and of course useful in my travels.
I've been loving this trend lately because of the chunky effect.
It is also a timeless piece and worth to invest too.
Not a gamer, but the specs of this laptop just wow me.
It seems like a powerful machine to me that can make me a gamer.
I love this palette because of the colors and the packaging.
Too bad it is still not available in the Philippines though there are some local offering this.
I definitely love the specs of this camera and also seems nice for vlogging, which I am actually starting up.
It is very handy and take good quality pictures.
How do you find my list?
I think it's a lot for a birthday, but who cares, it's just a wish list.
Do you have any wish also for your birthday?
Can you share some of it?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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