Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Choosing The Path To Take In

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."
When I was a kid, when I was asked what profession I will pursue in the near future, I usually answer to be a doctor or a teacher or a flight stewardess which I think is the common answer when you were a kid.
But as time goes by, I realize that these are not the profession, I want to pursue and along the way, choosing of this makes it harder and harder.
The ideal job that you want to make changes as your life takes another path.
When I am in high school, I make plans on what course to take in college and it all depends on the subject that I take that I think I excel.
I think about pursuing an Accounting because I am great in numbers and also I love performing so I feel that Music Management is a great pick.
Though, upon entering college, I find it hard to find a course that suits me.
I am enrolled in a university with a wide variety of courses and to be mentioned that there's a lot of students eyeing for great courses with limited slots.
Due to my love of numbers, I queue to the Accounting Department and to my dismay, there are a thousand applications done on that day and I am at the end of the 6th-floor lines.
When I look back to the other department, I saw that there are 5-6 persons in line so, in my curiosity, I jump to that line and register there.
That's the time when I think about what future profession, I will have because I register at the Hotel & Restaurant Management.
To be honest, the qualifications are high because there's height, weight, BMI limit and of course personality.
I am happy that I am accepted, though not that quite happy because this is not my first choice.
I started this course at the university with a positive mind and of course, the hope to have a great profession one day.
I had a great time with this course and there's a lot of training and knowledge I gained.
There's a lot of opportunities given to me especially when I become a scholar of a well-known company in the Philippines.
I started training with them and finally, after thorough training, they absorbed me as a Manager.
I never eye myself 10 years ago that I will become a Manager someday, but really no time and history can tell what will happen in our future.
Then after my career in here, I went abroad and pursue another profession and I am happy that I am able to share my knowledge and skills on my job.
Then, one day I realized that I have more potential with other things and that's when I started to have my own blog.
That's where I find my passion.
That's where I find my soul.
That's where I feel that I love what I am doing.
And found out that this is actually my dream job.
There's no profession needed to take to.
Or planning to do this.
As long you know where your heart is happy and everything will just follow.
I know some people find blogging as a source of influence, followers or even monetary but for me, I really don't care much about that.
What I am proud to say that even for years of blogging that I find a place wherein I am free and I am able to share my thoughts and opinions to people and that's what I think is very rewarding.
Have you ever had thoughts about your profession?
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading.

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