Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The Sapphire Curling Wand is a new, top of the line curler that features tourmaline technology and eight different interchangeable barrels. It’s just like having 8 separate hair curlers, but much more affordable and easy to transport and deposit. 
The Sapphire will help you create endless hairstyles while also protecting your hair. This curling wand is extremely versatile and every barrel will create a different type of curl: tight perm like curls, ringlet curls, spirals curls, ribbon curls, flick curls, large and bouncy curls, beach or wavy curls and finger wave type curls that will hold for ages. (c)
* 8 in 1 Curler *
* Sapphire Handle *
* 13mm barrel *
* 25mm barrel *
* 18/19mm barrel *
* 32mm barrel *
* 13/25mm barrel *
* Pearl barrel*
* 19mm barrel *
* 25/13mm barrel *
* Gloves *
* Using a 13mm barrel *
* Using a 25mm barrel *
This is the final look after I curled it using 25mm barrel.
I might say that I am impressed with the quality.
At first, I am very hesitant to try it since my hair is quite short and I feel that it will not hold my hair for long.
When I used it, the wand heats up faster than I think that takes only 20 seconds and you can change the temperature setting as per your choice up until 230C/450F.
They provide a wand holder to let it sit there while you are preparing your hair until the wand heats up.
It nice to know that you can monitor the temperature while looking at the LED screen.
When I tried it on my hair, it leaves my hair smooth and shiny even my hair is colored because of its tourmaline technology with negative ions.
The price it quite affordable as well compared to other hair tools that cost 159$ only.
It is now on sale from the price of 199$.
You may check out this amazing tool at Sapphire 8-in-1 Curling Wand
This complete set of curling wand is very handy and comes with a heat proof pouch that you can bring anytime and anywhere you want.
How do you find this curling tool?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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