Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It was freezing cold outside now in some parts of the world and UAE is included there.
We didn't experience snow but the wind is strong and the temperature is very high.
In the morning and evening, I tend not to walk around the city since its way too cold.
Luckily, we are experiencing heat in the afternoon.
I might say that winter time here is quite fast unlike the past few years wherein the winter stays longer until May.
Any time of the day, I always wear beanie but why?
Some people told me that I need to get protected from colds especially on winter so I can protect my baby as well from certain bacteria.
I do follow some of this but I always make sure that not only for the clothes or the things I wear will only prevent this, thus proper diet should be oversee as well.
I am taking 4 vitamins right now, of course as prescribed by my doctor and I'm feeling better anyhow.
I never catch a cold or flu this winter season though I have some mild headache which is very common.
My tummy is starting to get round right now and I can now feel the baby weight.
I just can't believe that in 5 months I gained 6 kg.
Well, I think nobody has control of this not unless pregnant woman stops to eat. (that shouldn't be like that!)
For me, I'll just enjoy this amazing phase on my life and will forever cherish this moment.
And I'll eat anything what I want! (period. ahhaha)
By the way, I am strolling in the city in this outfit and I feel like going for a simple look and feeling comfy.
How do you find it?
Thanks for reading.
I truly appreciate people who spend a lot of time reading my post.
Have a great day!
COTTON ON top | CHOIES ripped jeans | FOREVER 21 mandals | ALDO bag | ASOS beanie


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