Thursday, February 25, 2016

Date Night Make Up Tutorial

Throughout the Middle East region, Arab women are revered for their enticing and mesmerizing eyes. The history behind the Arabian eye is said to have started in ancient Egypt; women used kohl to define their eyes as eyeliner, and copper and ash was combined to create an earthy eye shadow. This look has given Arab women an air of mystery for centuries, and bringing it to the 21st century, Joelle Mardinian, Max Factor's Regional Creative Director, has recreated a Modern Arabian Eye look using Max Factor’s Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner and Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara.
So for today, I will be showing you my version of date night make up look using Max Factor and some other brands. Here are the steps:
First, using Max Factor Finity Primer apply a pea size amount of primer on your face and neck.
Then, apply am evenly pea size amount of Max Factor All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation on your face.
Next, using Inglot concealer in ivory color, dab it under eyes and conceal some of your flaws.
Then, line your eyebrow with Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil in brown color.
Fill in your eyebrow with Being True eyebrow definer.
For a smokey eye effect, I used Givenchy earth tone colored palette.
Then, using a Max Factor MasterPiece Liquid Eyeliner in Velvet Black to line my eyelids.
After that, I used Max Factor Velvet Volume Mascara in black.
For contouring my nose and cheeks, I used an Ever Bilena contour kit.
Then finishing my look with Serious Skincare in plum lipstick.
So here is my before and after date night makeup look.
I hope you enjoyed my simple tutorial.
I've been wanting to share the video to you and it will be soon.
So keep updated on my upcoming youtube channel.
How do you find this makeup tutorial?
Let me know.
By the way, thank you for all your wonderful comment on my last blog post.
Me and my little girl are doing good.
Based on the scan result, everything is perfectly normal and I'm happy with it.
Thanks for reading.
Have a lovely weekend! 
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