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Visiting Abu Dhabi?
 You should never miss an opportunity for a safari through the deserts of Abu Dhabi which is a very popular and an activity which attracts both the locals and tourists alike. You can choose your means of transport through the desert either on a camel or if you are more adventurous opt for a dune driving or wadi bashing in Abu Dhabi. 
The choices are Half Desert Safari, Full Day Desert Safari, Desert Overnight, sand ski and camel trek . You can take up any of these as per your convenience.
As per our team, we choose a half day safari which starts when we are pick up by a van at Al Wadha Mall by 2:30pm.
The camp is 1 1/2 hours drive from Abu Dhabi and since it's located near Al Ain.
As we arrived the place, we are brief by the travel coordinator on what will be the itinerary for the day.
As everyone are trying to rest after the long journey, we opt to try the henna tattoo first.
Afterwards, we go out the camp and tried riding the horse and camel.
It was an amazing experience as I feel like I'm a princess of the sandpit while riding the horse.
My friends had so much fun riding the camel.
Just a little tip when you try riding the camel that if you're a bit heavy, don't sit in front of it.
Since the camel is in sitting position at first, they go up by raising their leg in front which can make your body bend.
After that tiring camel riding, we take a rest and tried wearing their national costume.
I feel like I'm a real arabian princess while wearing it.
The excitement just keeps going and going.
While others are in the dune driving, me and my friends tried the quad biking.
Since I nailed a great deal online, we are given a free 30 minutes ride on it.
I opt for automatic transmission bike since i never tried riding a manual.
It was a lot of fun and excitement especially when you are going to a slope.
After the quad bike, our team was called for the dune bashing.
Dune bashing is where you are in a 4x4 car driven by a professional driver that let him steer and make crazy stunt over the sandpit.
When we reached the place, we tried sand boarding as well that let you slide from a high part of the sand.
We are in the border of Oman and Abu Dhabi that time and the sunset and moon are breathtaking.
It is worth the view!
After that long tiring day, it's the time to have some dinner buffet.
The food served is arabic cuisine.
When we take a rest, they let us discover more about the Falcon that makes it as their national bird.
The last part of the safari is when we sit outside the camp to watch a documentary about the UAE while sipping our tea.
Then they called us to board the van as we are leaving by 9:30pm.
They dropped us at the Al Wadha Mall afterwards.
It was a fun adventure though it's only half day but we enjoyed each other company.
If you're looking for a great adventure in Abu Dhabi, you may contact:
Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism
Al Nahyan Camp Muroor,
Road Abu Dhabi UAE 
Al Khazna Exit 93
Phone: +971 12 4452644
Mobile: 00971 50 1325848
Fax: +971 24 452645
or you may visit Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism for more info.
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