Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Happy Wednesday!
Today, I'm going to tell you some secret that I have a huge crush to basic.
I think it's a must on every woman's closet.
I usually wear basic most of my days as I feel it more comfortable and very easy to pair with.
Here are some basic that I think every woman should have:
* Jeans - Good quality denim and black boot cut/straight/skinny/ripped jeans would do.
* White shirt - Something very comfortable to wear whether it's cotton/polyester/linen.
* Sneakers - Comfortable soles is the best.
* Coat - Depending where you live
* Jacket - Whether it's bomber/leather/varsity/hooded.
* Cardigan/Blazer - Something you can use to cover up your sleeveless top/dresses.
* Long sleeve tee - When you're feeling cozy and need to layer your look.
* Spaghetti/sleeveless top - A summer essential and can also use as an inner top for dresses/rompers/jacket/blazer.
* Polo shirt Something that you can pull off the closet when you have an important meeting/interview.
* Leggings - Very easy to pair with any top and you can use it as well for working out.
* Little black dress - A beautiful dress to pull off in an event or an occasion.
Little white dress - If you're feeling summery and want to get comfortable while wearing white.
* Skirt - Whether it's skater/pleated/a-line that goes along with any top.
* Black heels - Shoes that gives you promotion or even a job.
* Pair of flats - When you don't feel like wearing heels and feel tired of it. You can opt to wear this besides it's comfy.
* Good quality boots - Depending where you live
Since we are living in a fashion world, I added off shoulder top as a basic on my list.
I think every woman should have at least one top like this.
Whenever I feel like lady-like, I always wanted to wear off shoulder top.
I love the color black and colored is acceptable too.
How about you?
What can you add to the list?
COTTON ON top | PULL & BEAR jeans | VINCII shoes | SILVERWORKS necklace | SPLASH sunglasses | BLAULING watch


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