Sunday, October 11, 2015


Happy Sunday!
How's you weekend?
I know this day is a family day for some others but for me it's my working day. Nyyyaay!
As for my weekend, I have spent it with my family and friends.
We went to church and head on the beach on Saturday.
You can see some of my adventures too live on my snapchat (username: bandwagonchic)
So for today, me and Nina of TITRITMODE decided to have a blogger link up.
Our outfit theme for this day is 70's vibe with a twist.
For my outfit, I wear my favorite jumpsuit from CHOIES and put a twist by wearing my Adidas originals shoes. I layered it with a black off shoulder top that make it more unique.
On the other hand, Nina wear a classic wide legged pants and accessorize it with a wide brim hat and a clutch.
Nina is a make-up artist based in Belgium, ex fashion-photo model and has a passion for all things style-related.
If you want to know more about Nina, you can check out her blog.
How do you find our outfits?
Comments and suggestions are most welcome.
I hope you love my small portion of help by expanding the blogger world to everyone.
See you on my next blogger link up!
Who know's it might be you?
If you are interested, you may reach me at and/or
Thank you so much for reading!
Have a great week.
CHOIES jumpsuit | COTTON ON off shoulder top | ADIDAS originals | CALL IT SPRING fringe bag 


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