Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Happy Wednesday!
If you are following my blog a while ago, you knew that I share some of the things I hate/fear in here
They are basically more on attitude towards people and some things I fear the most.
Any ways, as I promised I will be sharing some of the things I love the most.
Here are some of it:
* Summer - As I have lived in a tropical country for 20 years and the summer feels like a long season to celebrate. It is the best time to bond with the family and take out of town trips.
* Hug - I love the feeling of being hugged by people who are closed to my heart.
* Surprises - I can't contain my happiness when I'm experiencing this kind of gesture.
* Clean polished nails - I love seeing my nails getting done because I can't do it myself (too bad)
* Clean sheets, pillow covers and blanket - The reason sometimes I don't want to go out of my bed.
* Real talk - As I'm a very frank kind of person and I speak out myself most of the times, I would love to see and hear people saying true words and statements.
* Home - Nothing beats the feeling of being at home with my family way back in Philippines (awww, I miss them)
* Travel - I'm a wanderlust by nature and nomad for real (lol)
* Seafood particularly shrimp - If I can just eat this everyday :)
* Sponge bob - If your reading my blog since then, you knew that I have a huge crush on sponge bob. I love him in every single way.
* Boxing - I'm currently obsessing with this workout (i think I need to do this over the weekend)
* Ronda Rousey - She's one of my fitspiration and one of the people I admire the most. I think she shows what a real woman is.
* Lady fingers ("okra"- veggie) - I love this since I was a kid. It's my favorite veggie every now and then and I love it being dipped with anchovies.
* Flowers - every girls want and love this.
* Cat - I'm a cat lover and I think I have some cat genes.(lol) I love seeing cat even stray cats on the streets. If I can just adopt all of them and live with me.
If you noticed my outfit of the day, there is a leopard head on my dress and I love anything that associate with the entire cat family.
When I saw it on Forever21, I hurriedly bought it without any doubt.
Well, this post is not enough to share with you all the things I love the most but I highlight some of my favorites that makes me smile.
How about you what are the things you love the most?
Let us know.
Thanks for reading.
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