Thursday, October 8, 2015


Happy Thursday!
It's almost weekend and I'm happy that I will finally take a rest since I'm not feeling well this week due to my wisdom tooth coming out.(my photo doesn't show)
The doctor told me that it was late for me to have it because it usually come out at the age of 18-21 years old. Well I'm too old for that!
When he told me to visit my dentist to open up a bit the tooth, well that scares me!
I have a fear of being cut or having a surgery, that's why I didn't take medicine course when I was in college as I'm afraid of blood and sort of needles and that is just one example of the things I'm scared of.
So for today, I'll be listing the top things I hate the most and fear or afraid.
Top 10 I hate/fear the most:
* Syringe: I hate when I'm getting blood test even I was a little kid. I feel that it is so painful even not yet injected on myself.
* Pretentious: I hate people who are faking themselves for people to like them. I think being natural and down to earth are the best key to let the people know you better. 
* Death: Everyone fear of this but what I'm more scared of if it is related with my loved ones or those people close to me. I feel sadden and broken when I heard bad news like this.
* Uncluttered room/things: I'm a self confessed OCD person. When something seems not right or not organized, it freaks me out.
* Turbulence: I love traveling and I even dream of being a flight stewardess too though I have a hard time explaining my emotion when I heard turbulence when I'm on the plane. Seems like I want to get the life jacket and jump off the plane!
* Being spy/stalk: I don't want people scrutinizing my life though in our industry, being followed and stalked are normal. For me, being privy in a certain way makes our life more precious.
* Copycat: I hate it when people copy each other's work because I think a person is made to do something unique.
* Being ignored: I am a self centered person even I was a little kid. I find it annoying when somebody's attention is not on me. Though when I grew up, I find this stuff normal.
* Rude behavior: People should be careful with what they are saying in front or at the back of each other. When I'm experiencing people like this in my life, I simply ditch and never talk to them.
* Being push to do something: I think people should have the freewill to do whatever they want since it's their own life they are driving. They should have their own choices to make.
I think that would be enough to let you know the other side of me.
On my next post, contrary to my topic today; I will be highlighting the things I love the most :)
How about you?
What are things you hate or fear the most?
I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
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