Sunday, September 13, 2015


Happy Sunday guys!
I know everyone's on a weekend mood right now, so I am.
Any ways, what are the things we look forward during our free day?
I work 5 x a week and it just really used up most of my time.
So during weekends, I make sure that I've finished all the task I need to do.
First of all, is my laundry-- I'm having' hard time washing my clothes everyday as I work out or sometimes run some meetings over the week.
So when it's weekend, I make sure that I washed my clothes.
Next, is my room which is not that tidy enough.
I make sure that everything is organized and clean up in my room before working days.
Then, the washed up clothes that are already dry-- I will crease them and put them in their designated place in my cabinet.
Next is my car-- I make sure that I drop by to a car wash station and clean up the clutters inside it.
And after all the cleaning and organizing-- i make sure to have some 'me' time too.
I opt to go for a spa for mani, pedi and massage too.
I love to pamper myself as to remind me that life is not always as busy as it is.
How about you?
What are the top things on your weekend chores?
Let me know.
Have a nice day!
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