Thursday, September 10, 2015


Happy weekend guys!
I hope everyone's having a great week so far.
Ever wonder what it feels like living in a city?
Let me tell you my little thoughts about it.
I am from an urban world-- i live in a city wherein people do come and go.
Everyone's busy with their everyday life and time just seems to fly so fast.
I call myself a 'city girl', growing up in a place where there's a lot of buildings, stress surroundings and congested environment.
I can sum up that my city is polluted, not only by people but by the place itself too.
Why it is really like to live in a city?
In one word-- 'scary'
Why did I say that?
It is scary because in this kind of environment people usually have a critical mind.
Most of the people tend to overthink and analyze everything and this is how we've been raised!
Everything that is new and innovative, we know them first.
Because we have the best access to technologies and we have the latest version of phones, TV's, computer, etc.
But on the other hand-- not all of us can afford it.
Life difficulties and struggles are there-- that's why there's a lot of robbers, thieves and even pervs just around the corner.
Sound scary right?
I grew up with a fear of being taken advantage of this kind of society.
For example, I always secure my things when i'm in a public place.
I get scared and even nervous when I have my latest phone with me.
I take step forward and tried other place and relocate in another country.
But i'm still scared.
Not until I saw what is simple living was my life in Abu Dhabi.
I cook my own food, become less fancy on latest updates on gadgets, i walk 10km just to reach my destination and even go in a public beach without worrying at all.
I might said that I find my life in here for a while but I won't regret where I came from.
I hope life would be simpler now a days.
Thanks for reading.
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