Saturday, September 19, 2015

#LBWhiteout Entries


Wearing all-white outfits after Labor Day used to be a major faux-pas, but of course, rules are always meant to be broken in fashion. Show off your prized white trench coat or your super comfy laid-back chic linen dress shirt.

How to enter:
Show us your best all-white look and please tell us in the look description where you're heading to - whether it be an actual formal occasion, a lunch date, a fairytale kingdom far far away or even a piece of memory from the past…! 

Every single item worn must be white. Small percentage of colors due to logo or design is allowed. For example, a white tee with a Nike logo or a pair of striped Adidas sneakers are OK. Accessories like bags and jewelry can be off-white and silver. 

Entries without a look description will not be considered! 
Contest runs until 10/3/15 11:59pm PST. No late entries will be accepted. 
2 winners will be selected based on quality and creativity of the look AND written response.

LB swag (2 LB t shirts, 2 LB tote bags) 
1 social media mention on FB, IG, Twitter 
1 blog post relevant to contest theme authored by you if desired 
1 IG takeover (up to 4 posts, subject to approval)
Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone's having' a great week so far.
So for today, I would like to share with you my entries for the Look Book White Out Contest.
I love joining contest even when I was a kid.
I remember when I was 7 years old, I joined an amateur singing contest and I sang 'Paper Roses'.
That was fun and embarrassing too since after I joined that contest, all the kids and people on our town called me not by name but on what I sang which is 'Paper Roses'
I am very competitive and it doesn't stop me to join such contest.
After a year, I joined a dancing contest and I formed a group.
I love acrobats so when we are joining some dancing contest, I make sure that I show my talent to them by doing split, tumbling, bending and a lot more.
They even called me 'the woman without back bone'
That doesn't stop from doing what I love. As I grew up. I started to know myself a little and joining contest like this doesn't stop me.
I have the passion to showcase my talent to the world and be competitive.
As I joined this contest, I'm just hoping that you, my fellow bloggers and readers help me to win this one.
To vote, just click the hype button above.
Thank you so much for the support!
Have a great day ahead.

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