Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Good day everyone!
I hope everyone's having a good week.
If you asked me, I'm having a great week so far.
Before the Ramadan's getting over next week, I have lot's of time to do some activities and run errands too.
I just want to share with you that one time when me and my hubby are walking around the city at night.
I saw an advertisement regarding Ramadan.
I never knew that Ramadan means "scorching heat" that's why maybe this event is only held during summer.
Summer time in UAE is kind a really hot.
You can't stay outside for long and oh boy if you do, you'll sweat a lot and got some headache afterwards.
During this time, I prefer to go out after 6:00pm since it's a little cooler though a kind of humid.
Some restaurants open late too since people are fasting so it's not allowed to eat or drink in public.
Not unless it's Iftar or should I say 15-20 minutes after 7:00pm, you can freely eat your food, drink water or eat in a restaurant.
I heard too that in some places they put fine on you when they saw you eating or drinking in public during Ramadan.
For me, it's a matter of respect on their religion and culture so they can respect ours too.
It's like a win win situation.
Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day ahead.
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