Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Have you ever tried to travel to a place where the water resources of the community comes from?
I'm lucky enough to experience this wonderful place and would love to share it with you.
Sabu Dam is located at Solsona Ilocos Norte, Philippines.
The road in here is kind a steep and rough so you need to have a lot of skills on driving.
As i'm not a pro driver but I take courage to travel it on a SUV Hyundai car with lots of passengers(my family).
Luckily we reached the place safely but kind a late since it's getting dark.
The water is so crystal clear and very clean, no wonder this is the water resources of the town came from.
Some locals here are coming here too to swim, chill and sometimes do their laundry as this falls is running.
If you want a stunning view, you can passed by the steep piece of wood to cross.
As i reached the place, I can't believe what i'm seeing.
So clear and calm water.
I can find peace and relaxation in this place so I spend a lot of time just siting in here.
For nature lover like me, I'm sure that you will definitely love to be in this place.
We spend an hour to this place just breathing in and out the smell of fresh air and water.
I highly recommend to those people who would love to visit Ilocos to try and experience this one of a kind experience.
I know it's not like a lot of activities but nature feeling is the best feeling in the world.
I hope you like my #travelventure.
See you again next time.
Have a nice day ahead.
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