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Laoag, officially the City of Laoag is a first class city and capital of the province of Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. The northernmost city in the nation, it is the province's political, commercial, and industrial hub and the location of the Ilocos region's only commercial airport.
It's early morning when we travel to Laoag from Solsona.
Luckily, we got the chance to catch up the sunrise.
We visit this place as we need to buy some food and drinks to bring at Pagudpud for our family outing.
Since this place is just on the way, we drop by to go to the public market.
We decided to roam around the city while checking some public market that is open nearby.
The fresh air and trees around us just made my morning great.
Since i lived in the city and abroad, I'm craving for this kind of smell.(serioulsly!)
Just in front of the plaza, you can see the Marcos Hall of Justice.
The building looks old but the history within never fades.
This is the sinking bell tower of Laoag.
We're lucky to know that it was the 50th Anniversary of the city.
It was founded by 1580 and become a city by 1965.
This is the Laoag City Fountain though it's not operating anymore, you can notice how antique it is.
I got the chance to roam around the vicinity of the Museo Ilocos Norte but since it's still early, I didn't have the chance to go inside.
After we finished buying all the food we needed, we travel back and start our way going to Pagudpud which lasted for 3-4 hours.
On my next #travelventureI post, i'll show the beautiful Pagudpud. So keep updated.
I love my short but amazing adventure here in Laoag and I will definitely return next time I go vacation in PH again.
This is my ancestors place of origin and I will never forget where I came from.
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day ahead.
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