Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Here I am again on the side of my blog sharing my life lately.
They said, life is like a wheel, it will go upside and down.
There will be victories in your life and there will be failures and challenges and that is what makes you a human on a living earth.
When life is high, everything seems to be perfect in any way and you feel like you are the luckiest person on the earth. Everything seems so happy and amazing.
I remember when I always won a competition like for example running competition, not to be brag but I am good at it but on an amateur level only. When I reached the finish line knowing I am the first one, the emotions are just crazy and it feels like I'm on top of the world.
Of course, life is not complete without the low where everything seems like the end and you feel hopeless and sad. This time the feeling is like you can't breathe but you want to breathe in and out because you know there's a lot of people counting on you.
I can relate to this when I am in UAE when I got a car accident while carrying my daughter in my womb. A van hit my bumper while we both turning left on the signal. It was the man's fault because he shouldn't be on the 2nd lane turning left from the signal. I am shaking when it happens and all I can only think of is the baby in my womb and I didn't even check myself if I have bruises or what. I think I am guided by Him at that time since I am carrying an angel so nothing serious happen to me because after the accident I hurriedly went to my OB feeling nervous about what will be the result of the scan. I am happy God is with me and hey she is now 5 years old.
Then, this time, I got sick and I am suspecting that it was covid related because I got symptoms and I also found out one of our drivers got tested positive which I had contacted last Tuesday. My husband also feels not well but he said maybe he just needs rest because he overlooks me and my daughter overnight. And my kid, her fever is on and off and she is getting a high fever most of the time and ith difficulty breathing that's why I felt nervous most of the time. I and my husband went for swab testing today and we will get the result tomorrow and we hope and pray that whatever the result, we can surpass it and the sickness we are feeling right now. Despite this, I remain positive that everything will be back to normal when I can hug my daughter and husband tight without the feeling of I might spread a virus.
I am sharing this with you because why not? and I want you to know that whatever worries, challenges, and obstacles you are facing at the moment, everything will be okay eventually at the end of the day. Just trust your faith and keep in mind why you are fighting in life and who needs it the most. Thank you so much for reading. Till' next time. XOXO ZARRAH

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