Thursday, July 29, 2021


It's been a while again since my last update.
Well, if you're reading my blog, you know that we tested for covid and today is the day that I will bravely share with you. Me and my family got contracted with covid and it is just devastating. To see your loved ones got sick and feel very weak. I am now on my 12th day since exposure and to be honest with you, I am now feeling okay and revived I guess. I worked out this morning and do some house chores. The only thing I am bothered about right now is my husband as he is battling with anxiety and he felt that there is a thing lying on his chest.
I've been so vigilant and cautious since the start of the pandemic to not get the virus because I heard horror and sad stories regarding it especially losing your loved ones from it. I stayed at home for more than a year and feel safe with my family around me. And then, people start normalizing the virus and some companies require their employees to go to work, well I am one of those. I consider myself as a frontliner because well, I am obliged to report to work and I don't have anything to do about it. 
Getting a vaccine is also a 50/50 to me, well 50 because I am afraid of the after-effects, and another 50 because I don't want to feel the feeling of having a virus inside your body. Well, I'm gonna tell you, it feels like hell especially seeing your loved ones got sick one by one. 
Right now, you know what? I finally decided that I will get my vaccine as soon as we are cleared from quarantine. I think nothing will lose if I will prevent the spread of it in our home and to other people as well. 
The main takeaway on this is to be double the immunity and mental health because I think that what strikes me the most. I've been having mental health issues these past few days and I feel the burnout from work. Maybe because I am not used to working in the office anymore. Getting burnout makes my immunity at the lowest so my advice to everyone is just not focused on their physical but take care of their mental health as well. It's the most important so far while combating the virus around us. Have faith and always prioritize yourself above anything else. 
On the other side of the note, Congrats to Hidilyn for getting the Gold Medal in Women's Weighlifting! Congratulations!
I am not sure If I am going to have another personal blog to write again in the next few weeks. We will see what happens next. Thanks for reading.

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