Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Why Should We Switch to Organic Skincare Products?

"Choose products that help your wellness and help you feel gorgeous."
For a person like me who is very picky to skincare products to use because yes I will be honest that my skin had it's best.
I am afraid that using other products that are not keen on my skin might make it damage or ruin which is the worst thing that might happen.
I am happy that I found Clivia Organica 100% Mommy Made and they able to provide what I just needed.
Here are the things I have tried:
* TAWAS SPRAY that is anti-sweat which is perfect for the summer heat - I love the fact that it states that actually prevent your armpit to sweat. Yes, I have tried it once on day time and I might say that it works though of course not applicable for high-intensity activities. I just bother on the smell though it's okay for people who actually use tawas or what they called Alum.
* Facial toner wherein you can achieve a cleaner and clearer skin - it is definitely organic when you know it doesn't have any smell or acid. I have tried it for 2 days and I can say that it removes a bit of residue on my face but not totally. It is advised to use it twice to take effect.
* Ageless cream that promotes healthy and youthful skin - the cream is thick and gentle on skin, my mom tried it for a week and it takes a little bit of effect but it works wonderfully. Her fine lines are minimized.
Why do we need to use organic and alcohol-free products?
* You are actually helping the environment because there are no chemicals used when processing the product
* Natural ingredients are used so you can say that it is safe to use
* No chemical toxins when applied on the skin
* Cost effective and you can save tons of money a year since they use natural ingredients and no chemicals used, it is way cheaper and affordable
* No skin irritation can occur since it's natural and organic
What do you think people should look into skincare products nowadays?
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading.

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