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What's My Thoughts About an Alpha Arbutin Skin Care Line?

What’s keeping my skin healthy and fair under the sun?
It’s a magic secret! ❤️
Introducing the Precious SKIN Thailand Alpha Arbutin Skin Care Line.
The Alpha Arbutin + collagen series is formulated to maintain and improve skin health which targets uneven skin tone and effectively treats acne scars for clear, soft smooth and healthy glowing skin ✨
It contains intense collagen for brighter, softer, and smoother skin.
Here's my review on the product as follows:
* Alpha Arbutin Collagen Cream 100ml (P295)
A light textured cream that targets dark spots on face and body, giving a radiant, moisturized and natural-looking complexion.
This is the product that I frequently and currently using as I use it day and night.
I can totally say that some of the dark spots on my skin lighten.
* Alpha Arbutin DD Cream (P399)
An instant face and body whitening cream for a pinkish-white glow.
I can totally say wow to this product because it really whitens my face skin in an instant when I tried it.
* Magic Secret White Balm 50g (P350)
A gentle formula balm not just for the groins and nipples but also for the face to lighten acne scars and pimple marks.
To be honest, when I first tried it for photoshoot purposes, I actually put it on my lips because of the 'balm' term on the packaging and later on found out that it is supposed to use to lighten acne marks and other dark spots.
Thanks to the flyers included on the package and I am able to know what it's purpose through the first attempt is a fail.
If you also noticed, all the packaging are in the Thai language so it's better to search the purpose of every product online.
Well, to cut it short, yes I tried it on my pimple mark on my face, I actually liked it at first because it is really lightening the pimple mark though I had a problem with the area within that because it is much lighter than my normal color.
So when using this, it is recommended to apply it on the specific part of the spot.
* Alpha Arbutin Collagen Bath Cream (P399)
A bath cream that removes dirt from the skin and restores dry, weak, and dull skin to healthy glowing skin.
I have tried it myself and I can say that it's very foamy to use and even a pea size amount would do.
It gives my skin glow and makes it look healthy.
* Alpha Arbutin Collagen Sleeping Mask 7g (P67)
An intensive sleeping mask that nourishes the skin and reduces dark spots for radiant and silky smooth skin.
I used this product every night and I can say that it really moisturizes and nourishes my skin.
* Alpha Arbutin Collagen Scrub 50g (P250)
A gentle exfoliating scrub, combined with Alpha Arbutin and Collagen for the face and body that eliminates rough and dull skin. 
It provides moisture for glowing, younger-looking skin.
When I first used this, I can say that when I washed it off, I can see that my skin glow and tighten.
Though this is advised to only use this once a week the effect is totally cool.
 Alpha Arbutin Collagen Serum 10 ml (P295)
A face serum that reduces facial redness and wrinkles to tighten and brighten the skin.
What I love about this product is that it is on a syringe packaging and it looks so much fun to use.
The serum really lives it on what it says and my skin feels tighten on the first use.
* Alpha Arbutin Lotion 500 ml (P399)
A soft and smooth cream body lotion that is easily absorbed into the skin which revitalizes dry skin to leave skin soft, firm, and nourished.
When I used it, I can say that it is very nourished though for my skin it slips down.
When it slips down, it doesn't absorb much on my skin and I think it depends on the skin type since I have already moisturized skin on my leg part.
* Alpha Arbutin Soap 80g (P80)
This is for face and body that contains Alpha Arbutin and Collagen that eliminates both skin impurities and dead skin cells for naturally radiant skin.
This one is now gone in the air because I use it every day for the last 2 weeks and I can say that it totally gives me a glow.
It is advised to use the complete Alpha Arbutin skin care line for maximum result.
It is suitable for all skin types but it is advised to do a patch test first as the result may vary from person to person.
For more information about this, you may contact Precious SKIN Thailand - Philippine Distributor ❤️ #PreciousSKINThPH
You can buy original Precious Skin Thailand products from their authorized distributors and resellers listed in their page -
And also visit the following stores:
Taguig - G/F The Penthouse, Market Market, Taguig (beside Auntie Anne's and near Mercury Drug)
Dasmarinas, Cavite - 2/F Shopitology, Dasmarinas Bayan, Dasmarinas, Cavite
Angeles City, Pampanga - 2/F Outpost Life + Style Store, Ayala Marquee Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga (beside Primadonna)
Bataan - Xapaholics National Road, Wakas Orion, Bataan (near Goldilocks)
They are also open for distributors and resellers nationwide.
How do you find these products?
Have you tried Alpha Arbutin?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great week.

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