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Zambali Summer by Awesome Events & Productions, Rough Stuff Entertainment, and SX Manila

Awesome Events & Productions (AEP) provides professional opportunities that empower local artists and bands to share their music and talent.
AEP organizes music festivals that showcase local and underground music scene to the mainstream. At these festivals, AEP promotes local tourism, advocates for the environment and supports the unrelenting campaign of the government against dangerous drugs.
The founders of the production saw the great potential of local communities in achieving goals when it the community comes together. Thus, AEP makes sure that in each event, members of the local community are tapped and given critical roles in realizing a successful event. They do this by giving business opportunities to local businessmen to help in stage production, provide lights and sounds; and also entrusting to the security force of local establishments, together with the barangay tanods, to ensure the security of the event.
More importantly, AEP envisions to inspire local artists to organize and take center stage during these events for them to put their music out there. At the verge of climate change, our youths addicted to dangerous drugs and even digital cocaine, there is no better way to bring people together, to advocate for the environment and promote a zero tolerance to drugs, than thru music.  
Rough Stuff Entertainment is a Music Management Group established by event organizers and music enthusiasts.
Rough Stuff Entertainment’s goal is to reestablish the rugged vintage sound in the music scene. It aims to showcase quality music from promising bands that has the potential to carry the modern-vintage brand of music and share it to the mainstream.
Sound Experience Manila (SX Manila) regularly promotes local bands in the Metro. They do that by organizing special events that features local bands and collaborating with organizations focused in the other form of arts that share its vision to encourage a lifestyle of self-expression through the performing arts, like their weekly produced shows in Rizal Park, Luneta.
Rough Stuff Entertainment and SX Manila continuously bring musical experiences to those who share their vision thru their various musical events such as Fete de la Musique 2017, Rock and Roll Stage, Palawan Music Festival 2017, Fete de la Musique 2018, and Bonggapalooza 2018, among others.
Table of contents: 
II.      What is Zambali Summer
III.     Links to press releases/coverage
IV.    Frequently Asked Questions
V.     Multimedia Teasers/Promos
For inquiries, you may contact Atty. Carlo Ybanez  at 09177933325.
II. Zambali Summer
Zambali Summer is a celebration of love, life, and faith and the freedom to enjoy all of that. It is a music festival that would showcase mainstream bands from the Metro and up and coming local artists from Zambales, with the beautiful beach coast of Zambales as its backdrop.
Zambali is derived from the word “Sambali”, which is the original name of Zambales; and also refers to the Zambales’s original natives, the Sambals.
Every summer, most residents of the Metro and Filipinos in general spend their Holy Week away from the city for a well-deserved getaway and spiritual rejuvenation – usually at the beach. For some, this has ripened as tradition. Year after year, major beaches outside of Metro Manila are packed with both locals and tourists alike. Usually, Maundy Thursdays and Good Fridays are spent reliving the true meaning of the Cross, and our salvation. Black Saturdays, on the other hand, has always been the official day when families and friends go out of town to spend time together and unofficially celebrate the resurrection – and have fun!
This year, beach-goers from the Metro can experience Holy Week the Zambali Summer way! The perfect way to experience the summer heat by listening to a wide variety of live bands while bathing in the sunshine, the funky feel of the sand and a cold drink on your hand, all that while supporting the local music scene, advocating for the environment, and supporting the campaign against dangerous drugs.
III. Links
To get tickets online, you may search “Zambali Summer” in[1] and for more details on the event, you may visit the Facebook Page, Zambali Summer 4.20.19.[2]
Why Zambali Summer?
This music festival aims to showcase the local music scene to the mainstream, and  empower local artists to organize and take center stage by sharing their music. The force behind the event is purely the collective effort of the local community because it is only thru this collective action that we can truly make an impact in promoting local tourism, effectively advocate for the environment, and support the government’s unrelenting campaign against dangerous drugs.
Also, Sambali is the orginal name of Zambales, which is known for its long stretch of beautiful and pristine beach and there is no better way to bring people together, than thru good music by the beach!
What is happening during the celebration?
This beach music festival is headlined by one of the most sought-after rock bands in the country today, Mayonnaise. Other bands who will also join the celebration are Switchblade Manila, Whiskey Version, Gin Rum and Truth, The Black Wolf Gypsies, Hey Moonshine, and many more.
When and where is the celebration?
Zambali Summer will be held on April 20, 2019, Black Saturday, in Brgy. La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales.
How much is the ticket and how to get it?
For tickets online, beach-goers and music lovers can search for Zambali Summer in, or they can visit the Facebook Page “Zambali Summer 4.20.19”.

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