Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Easier with a Toddler

Happy Hump Day everyone!
When I am still don’t have a child, grocery day is a day wherein I can roam around the grocery store freely and stress-free but when I had a child, grocery shopping became a torture – I felt exhausted before we left the house.
Let’s just be real mommies that sometimes it is better to have a quick trip alone than to bring kids with us though it’s an enjoyable way to bond with them sometimes but not all the time.
That’s when I realize to make a goal in going to the grocery store a time that we enjoy being together, connect and have fun.
These ways may not be that applicable to all mommies out there but I hope it will help you along the way:
(1) Eat First.
I think this tip is not only applicable to kids but also to adults. You can’t think clearly and become an impulsive buyer when you skip your lunch or dinner before heading the grocery store and the kids will be less irritable when his/her tummy is full.
(2) Make the grocery lists.
Before leaving the house, I always make sure that I have a list with me so I won’t miss anything needed at home and bring a pen so you can tick off those on the cart already.
(3) Be organized.
Having a healthy meal plan gives you a shorter time to do grocery shopping that’s is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for kids. I always make sure too to have a list of food that is good for two weeks so it will be sufficient that I will be visiting the grocery store less.
(4) Make use of the pushcarts with a baby seat.
In this way, you won’t bother to bring stroller inside the grocery store if ever you are alone with your child, it will be easier for you to carry the grocery items you purchased afterward since some malls allow the pushcart in the parking area or in the taxi stand.
(5) Have an action plan for tantrums. 
Before leaving the house, I always make sure to bring sufficient milk bottles and milk powder if ever she got hungry along the way. I also bring spare diapers and wet wipes in case bad timing will occur. When she is reaching for some grocery items, it’s not like I will be purchasing that item for her but just to avoid crying and excessive tantrums, I sometimes let her hold it for a while. 
(6) Have fun. 
Always remember that in this way you are giving a good quality time with your kids. Try not to rush it and get into the mental mode of this being a playful adventure with your kids and that just easier to relax. 
I know it won’t be easy at first but try to do this enjoyable with your kids and in that way, you are not just creating a memory but a wonderful experience that your kids won’t forget. 
Do you have any ways to make it a fun grocery shopping day? 
Let me know your thoughts. 
Thanks for reading.

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