Saturday, June 16, 2018

Maniwaya Island + My Top Travel Bucket List

Marinduque is an island province of the Philippines located in Southwestern Tagalog Region or MIMAROPA, formerly designated as Region IV-B.
The province of Marinduque was ranked number 1 by the Philippine National Police and Philippine Security Forces as the 2013 Most Peaceful Province of the Country due to its low crime rate statistics.
Furthermore, for almost 200 years, the province is home to one of the oldest religious festivals of the country, the Moriones celebrated annually every Holy Week.
There are 6 municipalities such as Boac, Gasan, Buenavista, Torrijos, Mogpog and Santa Cruz wherein Maniwaya Island is located.
It is the largest of all the six municipalities both in land area and population.
It is considered as a secondary municipality after Boac(since it is the capital).
Together with Boac, it is also a first class municipality, with established industries and commercial routines.
Aside from this, you can also find amazing islands here such as the Maniwaya Island.
This place is known for white sandy beaches, super clear seawater, a sandbar and some amazing rock formations.
Since I am sharing with you my recent travel in this amazing paradise, I would like to share with you some of the top bucket lists that I wanted to do in the future and here it goes:
I've been wanting to do this since I came and work in the UAE but didn't have a chance but when the time I had a chance, I get pregnant and it is not allowed.
Hopefully to do it very soon maybe in Pampanga or Subic!
I will be honest that I am not a good swimmer and riding a surfboard with waves around me would be awesome.
Visiting Baler soon would be great!
This is on my mission list this year to get a chance to be inked by Whang-Od, the oldest Filipino tattoo artist and the last mambabatok(traditional tattooist) from Kalinga.
Kalinga is on my priority right now!
Since I am not a good swimmer, I am quite hesitant to do this but some tour guide told me that I can do this wearing a life vest.
Maybe I can do this when I visit the Five Fingers in Bataan soon.
I've been in Cebu recently but since I am with a kid, we only had a chance to do a day tour but I am planning to visit it again and do the Moalboal Tour wherein I can swim and will have a close encounter with sharks.
This year, I attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga but since I am already late to register, I didn't have a chance to ride one of the balloons.
So at the next festival in February, I will definitely do it!
I've never been in a snowy place but I am looking forward to visiting Japan or Korea to experience this extreme activity.
When I am in the UAE, this is the hype though I got invites I didn't have a chance to pay a visit.
I heard that there's flyboarding in Puerto Galera, so I might try it soon.
How do you find my list?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
By the way, Maniwaya Island Travel VLOG will be out soon on my Youtube Channel so stay tuned.

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