Saturday, October 1, 2022

Fun and Free online video games for every young learner

In this age of modern technology, young kids don’t just learn in school or thru books or by watching videos. They can also learn by playing online video games at the comfort of their own home. With the advancement and development in technology and apps, there are now a lot of games being offered that are kid-friendly and age-appropriate.

Check out these games that your young learner will surely love and enjoy, plus it will help them discover and learn more about the things around them.

Kids love music and they enjoy to create music. Nowadays, they can do this virtually anytime and anywhere they want by just simply tapping the colored wood bars on a touchscreen device or by clicking the mouse over the bars to play a note. To play or make additional notes, just click or drag the bars repeatedly.

This game is very easy even for a very young kid. Playing the game helps the kids in their sensory and brain development. This game can also help develop self-confidence and decision-making skills, as kids choose and decide for themselves what keys to press, what sound to like, or how to create music.

This can also improve listening skills. Any sound made by musical instruments excites little kids. As they continuous to hear these sounds, they start to experiment creating music and that is part of their listening skills.

5 Senses Game

Quiz games are also good for young kids. In this game, kids will learn the basics of the 5 main senses and how we use them. There is a slideshow explaining and describing the 5 senses then after that, there will be a quiz to test how much the player has learned.

In the quiz, the player needs to choose the correct sense to use in a specific situation by clicking the icon that corresponds to the right organ to use: a hand represents touch, nose for smell, an eye represents sight, a mouth and tongue for taste, and an ear to represent hearing. If the player doesn’t understand the question in one reading, he or she can always repeat the question by clicking the button on the bottom left. The game has no adult-themed content, the icons and the pictures used are very kid-friendly.

Adventure Man and Danger Dame Dungeon Game

If you want your young learner to get familiar with common shapes and colors, this running game is perfect. What makes this game more exciting for kids is that they can collect as many coins as they can by moving up or down. More coins mean higher score. To avoid the knights, the player has to simply change lanes. To pass the quest, the player needs to run through the door that is being advised or instructed.

This game enhances problem-solving and decision-making skills for young children.

There are over a hundred of games to enjoy from this site. Everything is absolutely FREE to play from your browser making it very convenient for anyone who wants something to enjoy during their free time or something educational and fun for our young kids.

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