Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Ways to Lighten Your Skin Tone

"Beauty has no skin tone"
I believe in the saying that we should embrace our own perfection and as a Filipina who has they called kayumanggi or morena skin will totally relate when it comes to whitening skin.
I know this is a hot topic right now that most Asian women are obsessed with whitening their skin just because it is a trend.
Well for me, it doesn't matter whatever your preference on the skin whether it is white or morena.
All of us have our own insecurities and sometimes getting a little fix won't hurt because it helps us boost our confidence.
So for today, I would like to share with you some tips on how to lighten your skin tone:
(1) Lemon Juice Solution
Well, to be honest, this one works well on my dark spots like the armpit, elbow, and knees.
This contains lemon which is a very popular product for over the years that helps improve skin color and able to deal with several other skin conditions.
It has citric acid that lightly bleaches the skin.
This is not recommended to use often.
(2) Papaya
It contains enzymes which work to lighten the skin that is why most of the whitening soap right now composed of papaya extract or papaya fruit.
It also fights acne and serves as a natural exfoliator.
(3) Turmeric
It contains Vitamin C that is responsible for whitening the skin.
It has a very important natural exfoliator.
(4) Aloe Vera Gel
This is usually found on commercial products in the market.
It has Vitamin A, C, and E that serves as a natural exfoliator.
(5) The New Olay Natural White Ageless Aura
This is Olay's first Whitening Cream that provides the dual benefit of whitening and anti-aging.
It has Mulberry extract that helps brighten the skin and Vitamin B3 that helps minimize visible wrinkles.
It also comes with SPF15/PA+++ to shield skin from the harmful UV rays.
I am currently using this and I might say that in a week of use that it helps me brighten my dark spots from acne.
I am also including this when wearing makeup as I feel my face is protected from the sun.
For only 45 pesos, I can say that my face got a brighter and young-looking skin in one product that is pretty handy which I can bring anywhere I want to.
Plus this is resealable so totally a travel must-have!
How do you find this list?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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