Monday, January 28, 2019

Moving? Follow These 5 Tips

Moving is a big project; and while it can be fun an exciting to relocate, it’s also a cause for extra stress. There are five tips in particular that you should follow if you want to have a more successful experience.
Adhering to this advice will make your life easier and help to minimize you feeling any frustration throughout the process. The more effort and hard work you put in upfront the more seamless your move will be. Worrying and thinking about all that could go wrong will only cause you to delay taking action. Instead, make lists, prioritize tasks and face your move head-on with enthusiasm.

1.   Get Organized

The more organized you are to move the better the chances that you won’t feel so overwhelmed when it’s time to depart. Spend time sorting through your belongings and decluttering your space. Get rid of or donate what you no longer use or need and start putting items in labeled boxes as soon as possible. The more organized you are ahead of time the more seamless of a process moving will be for you.

2.   Read Mover Reviews

Make your job easier by hiring movers to help you transport your belongings from your current location to your new space. It’s worth your time and energy to research professional moving companies in advance. Before you hire anyone to help you, scan your options and read reviews on a site such as Get a good feel for what other movers are saying about a specific moving company before committing to hiring them.

3.   Host A Garage or Rummage Sale

Another moving tip you’ll want to take into consideration is to schedule a garage or rummage sale early on in the process. This way you can remove items from your home what you don’t want to take with you and can make a little extra money in the process. Know that this is also a big project so be sure to begin gathering items and setting up your garage or rummage sale well before the move.

4.   Involve Your Family Members

This is a good time in your life to learn how to delegate out tasks to your family members. Keep in mind that you don’t have to take on the move all by yourself. For example, request your loved ones to go through their closets and clothes and donate what they no longer wear or get them to help you declutter areas of the home that may need a little extra attention.

5.   Manage Your Stress

There’s simply no way around the fact that moving can be a stressful process and make you feel uneasy or worried at times. One tip that will help you keep your composure is to proactively manage your stress. For example, get good sleep each night, hit the gym and break a sweat and cook or order out healthy meals to help maintain high energy levels. You getting upset or being crabby is only going to make your moving experience that much more difficult and unpleasant.

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