Saturday, January 26, 2019

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Home This Year

There’s nothing worse than going to someone else’s house and immediately noticing that it’s both tidier and seemingly trendier than yours. It’s enough to make you go home and readjust everything to try and get that same chic feeling that they managed so well. With spring not far on the horizon, what steps can you take to put your home back in the good books?

1.   Change the curtains

If there’s anything that dates a property more than a piece of furniture that’s past its best or fashion season, it’s old curtains. Drapes that are sun bleached, dated or dusty can visually age a property. Taking a look round fabric shops and furniture stores are a good place to start hunting for new patterns and styles.
It’s worth noting that it’s best to avoid a pattern that will quickly look out of fashion. It’s also recommended that, while in the showroom, you take a fabric sample and pleat it next to a window to see how it will hang in real life.

2.   Clean it like you mean it

There’s absolutely something to be said for giving the bookshelves a dusting and giving furniture a good wipe down. Sweeping the dust off surfaces not only makes everything visibly gleam, but it also removes any heaviness out of the air.
That said, there’s surface cleaning, and then there’s really giving your home a deep clean. Carpet cleaning is something that people can be a little apprehensive about, but once you’ve given the house a once over, it will instantly feel brand new. Cleaning services such as those provided by My Technicare will get the entire job done for you, so you don’t have to spend a day lugging an industrial carpet cleaner around the house. Mopping wooden floors and removing the dirt from carpets is one sure-fire way to create a show home feel again.

3.   Declutter shelves

What tends to make other people’s homes far more fashionable is the deliberateness with which objects and decorations are placed. When it comes to restyling shelves, it’s going to get messy before it gets better. Pull everything off your shelves and reassess how much each piece really means to you.

4.   Recycle dated furniture

If you have a sofa that’s had the stuffing worn through, or an armchair that was last cool in the 70s, then it might be time to find something new. Old cabinets that look like they belong more in your grandparents’ home might also need to find a new home. Browsing Pinterest for living room ideas and online stores for a new dining room set might give you some ideas as to where to start. To keep it contemporary, using symmetry and asymmetry create an exciting visual contrast without having to use bold colors.
When you take the first steps to spruce up your home, who knows where the process will take you? Whether a deep clean inspires a complete style change, or your curtain changes inspire some furniture recycling, you could end the process with what feels like an entirely new house.

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