Saturday, August 25, 2018

Where Do I Find Inspiration?

"To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible."
When something went wrong, we felt that we're stuck and uninspired.
Sometimes we are looking for inspiration for us to be able to get up and move on.
We start off by clearing our mind and keep in our mind what makes us inspired on our everyday life.
Finding inspiration in our life makes it better and it's a great step to set new goals.
But did you ever wonder where do we find inspiration?
Is it for people, place, things we are doing or just within our mind?
For today, I would like to share with you about where do I find inspiration:
When I still don't have a kid, to be honest, I don't really know my direction.
But when she came into the world, my life becomes better and clear to me.
When life seems unfair, getting home after a tiring workday to my daughter just eases everything.
She gives me strength and unconditional love that no one can give.
Even when I was a student, I find inspiration for my family to work and study hard for me to be able to give them a better future.
So when I started working, I know it's exhausting to be as the breadwinner of the family, but what draws me to be inspired is that I am happy that I am able to give what I can give to them that help them.
When I am out from work and traveling, I consider myself as a wanderlust.
It feels like a food to me that gives me fuel in my everyday life.
I know that everyone doesn't have the privileged to travel because of the cost involve but spending your time away from the usual things you have can actually disconnect you and makes you inspired to do more.
I can say that even when I was a kid, I used to sing and listen to different music.
It uplifts my mood and also makes me keep going.
It can help you relax and get you to a better emotional state.
Even when I am working, I love to listen to music, in that way, it gives me the motivation to work harder and accomplish the task faster.
As I stated in my previous blogs that blogging gives me a sense of purpose in life.
It helps me to express myself more and also gives me the inspiration to do more.
I also find inspiration in reading other blogs and in this way, it helps me to be a better blogger and as a person too.
No matter what works for you, in the end, it is you who need inspiration.
Just keep moving forward and try to improve yourself to be a better person that you are today.
Try to break all the old bad habits and begin with a fresh new idea.
How do you find the things that inspire me?
Let me know yours too.
Thanks for reading.
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