Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Liven Up the Holiday Feast with Franzia Wines

Wine is a staple in every gathering and having a glass of red is a must to make your Christmas warm and fuzzy. So whether you’re the host or thinking of something to bring to a party, Franzia wine is everything you need to spice up the night. With its two variants California Red and Chillable Red wines, you’ll be dashing your way to the holiday with an elevated festivity!

Made from the finest California grapes, Franzia is the perfect pick to celebrate the holiday in high spirits. Its unique Wine Tap® technology is also your assurance that each indulgent sip is fresh and delicious up to the last drop. And if you’re thinking of something easy to transport and accessible, Franzia Boxed Wine is for you. With this option, no need to leave behind your guests or the party because it can serve up to 27 glasses. It’s portable and affordable too, so you can bring it anywhere and everywhere – from picnics, outdoor parties, casual get-together with friends, road trips, to out of town trips. Additionally, no need to worry about left overs. Once opened, Franzia Wine Tap® packaging will last up to six weeks and your last glass is guaranteed as fresh as the first. With Franzia, your party is bound to become a box-office hit that will thirst the quench of your wine lover guests!

As for which one to take with you, California Red and Chillable Red are both fantastic wine variants that can easily be paired with your favorite meals. Here are our recommendations:

Franzia’s California Red has ripe and juicy blackberry and cherry flavors that pair well with rich and savory meat dishes with pungent flavor and aroma. Its crisp, clean finish efficiently blends well with beef, pork, and pasta with sweet and spicy sauces. Seafood like salmon and stuffed squid, even without seasoning, could be sharp tasting. Franzia’s California Red effortlessly harmonizes with the intense flavors.

Franzia’s Chillable Red is softer than traditional red wine and is absolutely easy to drink as it complements a wide range of party dishes like salad and dessert. A well-balanced Chillable Red, which has a slightly glossy and rounded composition, is also refreshing to taste after a plate of poultry dishes. Best served chilled, it refreshes and warms up dark December evenings at the same time.

Make this year’s celebrations shine out by starting a Christmas tradition. Bring out the sommelier and food connoisseur in you by preparing a magnificent holiday banquet filled with delicious dishes, bottles, and boxes of Franzia’s California Red and Chillable Red wines. As the world’s best-selling wine, it’s also a great present to tickle the taste buds of all the wine lovers in your life. So grab a box or bottle this holiday season-- a generous pouring of Franzia wine is all it takes to make your gathering a stellar feast!

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