Thursday, November 2, 2017

Santorini-Inspired Food Park

Happy All Souls Day!
It's a long week vacation for each of us and it given us a time to pray for our beloved ones who passed away.
During this time, me and my family decided to eat out to one of the famous food park we've heard in the news and social media as well.
If you haven't heard it yet, you can now get a view of what it feels like to be in this Santorini-Inspired food park here in Metro Manila.
It is located along Quezon City's Katipunan Avenue.
It is called KANTORINI which is a two word such as "KANTO" means corner and "SANTORINI" which is one of the famous tourist spots in Greece.
The place is inspired by Santorini wherein the color motif is blue and white.
There's a lot of food choices you can choose from such as steak, pizza, sushi, samgyupsal and a lot more.
And here are some of the sneak peak of the food we've tried in different restaurants:
Shrimp Surfer @ The Shrimp Basket
I ordered this one because obviously I am a shrimp lover and I've seen this on their Facebook page and it looks tempting to be honest.
It is a 15 pieces shrimp coated with bread crumbs accompanied by fresh cut fries and three different dips and it cost P409.
It taste good and goes well with the dip.
The best part of it is the fries because it is actually a potato.
Choose Your Dip @ Fancy Little Donuts
My niece ordered this one because indeed it looks so fancy eating it all.
The donuts are very soft and kid friendly and it cost P149.
California Maki @ Kyodai
I ordered also this one because I want to try their sushi and I love CaliMaki but to my dismay it doesn't taste that well and even near to it.
It cost P140 and i feel that I waste it.
Classic Tantanmen @ Kyodai
Well my niece ordered for this one and it taste ok and it cost P230 and i think it is quite pricey.
Porterhouse Steak @ Steak Two Six
To be honest, that's why I ordered this one because it is very affordable for a steak.
It cost P179 then I added mashed potato on the side that cost P25.
The steak tasted good based on my medium well request though I don't like the steak sauce they give because it is too salty.
I really did had fun with my family.
Added to it is that they play band every night.
In my view, I will definitely go back again in this place and try some other stalls that I never tried.
It is budget friendly and very casual that everyone will enjoy especially the food.
Overall, it is affordable with good food!
If you would like to visit this place, you may visit them at Lot 2, Katipunan Ave. Quezon City and they operate from 4:00pm-12:00mn.
Thanks for reading my food adventure and until next time!

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