Thursday, December 5, 2019

Food Delivery Have Never Been This Easy With Food Panda

"Hard work should be rewarded with good food."
Now and then, people search for good food that can satisfy their hunger. Food is essential to our life and also a part of our needs, and in this era of busy people looking to accomplish their day-to-day, life can be quite toxic. That's why, food delivery services have made a major impact on the restaurant industry.
Some companies have made our life easier when it comes to food and I am glad I found foodpanda—they deliver food right at your doorstep and you can choose from a variety of restaurants within your area.
As one of the leading global online food delivery marketplaces, foodpanda launched in the Philippines last June 2014.The service is based in Berlin, Germany and operates in more than 40 countries across 5 continents. It allows users to order food conveniently within their area and directly order food online or from their mobile.
Here are the advantages of using the app:
(1) Easy Access
In this era, I bet nobody in this world does not own a smartphone or a mobile phone. I think to step into the digital world helps our lives much easier, just like ordering our basic need which is food.
People can decide what they order, where they order, how to pay and when to deliver with just a snap of their fingers. There's no need to queue in long lines at your favorite restaurant or do last-minute dinner buying knowing that the restaurant will be closed soon.
As food delivery is available 24/7, you can order anytime you want as long as the restaurant is open 24 hours.
(2) Payment
As mentioned in the first point, it is very easy to pay your food via food delivery. There are a lot of payment modes such as credit card, debit card, net banking, Paypal, and even cash on delivery.
(3) Wide Variety
Through the app, you can choose whether you would like casual dining, fast food, easy bites or whatever kicks in.
You can check the actual photo and price of the food you selected and there's an option as well like add-ons and sizes, and can even filter on what cuisine you would like to try.
(4) Offers
Since Christmas is fast approaching, there are a lot of offers available everywhere and food delivery offers are eat the top of these. These include buy 1/get 1 bundles, options for free delivery, free items, and a lot more. These offers not only attract users but also promote the restaurant or products.
Since we discussed the advantages, what are the things a buyer should think of before ordering online:
* Must have an internet connection whether WIFI, data or LAN via mobile phone, laptop, and computers.
* Download the app that caters to food delivery just like foodpanda.
* Have an email or contact number to register in the app to enjoy the service.
* Check the reviews of the restaurant and if the service is acceptable.
* Use filters to navigate and choose the best restaurant option for you.
* Enjoy the food while it's hot.
Of course, I also recently ordered chicken wings via foodpanda. Wingman is an American-style restaurant that offers 15 different flavors of delicious chicken wings, which can be perfectly paired with beer.
They also offer burgers that are made from fresh ground 100% beef 1/2 pound patties on a toasted sesame roll. It comes with a choice of sides and salad.
They also have sandwiches, wraps, and desserts, and offer alcoholic drinks which are perfect for wings and burger.
The experience is great as they deliver it fast.
To know more about other establishments, you may check foodpanda’s official digital magazine to get a better idea of some places worth trying, as well as some hidden gems around your area that you might want to visit or order from.
To know more about foodpanda, visit their site or download their app on IOS/Android and start ordering right from your fingertips.
So how do you find this?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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