Monday, December 30, 2019

Get Instant Glow and Lighter Skin with Suaviss Beauty Lab Whitening Solution Treatment

BEAUTY LAB WHITENING has the first systematic,
effective and specialized whitening program in the world.
They specialized whitening program contains whitening treatment,
R-630 collagen light, dead skin cells management, and homecare.
By enjoying these 4 steps altogether, you will experience authentic whitening.
Today, the skin is being recognized as a standard of value and symbol of wealth.
Whitening is the most preferred treatment in the skincare field.
Especially in Southeast Asia, whitening is an absolute standard for beauty.
BEAUTY LAB WHITENING is the sole, special brand that realizes skin whitening.
They provide an aggregated solution which includes machine with a treatment solution.
You will get better skin trough our continuous management.
This program makes tightening and whitening effect at the same time, so you will show beautiful skin.
BEAUTY LAB WHITENING skincare products are made of 95% of natural ingredients and 5% of functional ingredients.
Also, those products minimize side effects.
They designed solutions that can maximize the needed effects.
There are no pigments, artificial fragrances, and other artificial additives in solutions.
So, you make effects not only in the short-term but also make healthful skin for the rest of your life.
SUAVISS, make sure to manage each customer more beautiful and healthful.
So last week, I had my first of three sessions of the total whitening solution treatment which includes the four-step.
The first step is exfoliation wherein they use their face and body scrub to remove dead skin cells that help penetrate the absorption of the pre-conditioning cream.
Then, the pre-conditioning application that contains Hyaluronic Acid that en capsuled the melanin cells present inside the epidermis that provides a whitening effect.
Next is the R-630 Collagen Machine which is a ray therapy on my entire body for 10 minutes.
It activates the collagen cells inside my body that tightens the pores and targets the encapsulated melanin cells to make it smaller and weak.
And finally, the postconditioning application that provides sunscreen and skin protection that prolongs the effect of the treatment and locks in the skin nutrients received from the collagen machine.
After the treatment, I can say that my skin tone lightens even on the first try and it also makes my skin glow. 
Ready to try this treatment?
They have their ongoing promo right now, get 3+1 sessions of whitening & anti-aging facial treatment for ₱7,500 and 10+2 sessions of whitening & anti-aging full body treatment for ₱33,500.
To book an appointment, just call 8800-1243 or 09155927377. ❤️ #beautylabwhiteningph #discount #decembersale #promo
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