Monday, June 3, 2019

Veger Powerbank is Now in the Philippines!

When my phone has 1% battery left, before I just run to find an outlet and charge it but glad I found powerbank who are very helpful to every day.
For a woman who is always on the go like me, gearing myself with a device that is pretty handy and can actually help me in my daily life will be a gift.
That’s why I am happy I got @vegerpowerph powerbanks! It suits my style and my need when it comes to charging my gadgets.
Veger Power is the leading powerbank brand in Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar is now ready to serve the Philippine market!
Because of the fast-growing demand of power banks in the Philippines, VEGER Power- a professional designer and manufacturer of power banks or battery storage devices- has set up a satellite office based in Manila to be able to serve the requirements better. 
Known for making compact and stylish portable chargers, VEGER keeps up to the needs of the fast-pacing world.
Creating Wireless Charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge features, the brand also pioneers on slim portable chargers with a built-in cable and small-compact models but with massive mAh capacity!
VEGER is the creator of the World #1 Slim Powerbank! 
VEGER Powerbanks are made with Superior Circuit Protection Chip which provides 6 Circuit Protection and High-Performance Charging and Discharging Features: 
• Overcurrent Protection 
• Overvoltage Protection 
• Temperature Protection 
• Short Circuit Protection 
• Input anti-reverse Protection 
• Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection 
Selling 1 million pieces of high quality power banks every month for the international market, the brand presence is very strong and successful in Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar.
So why wouldn’t it make it in a country that’s said to be one of the highest numbers of smartphone users in the world? 
The Factory located in Shenzhen China is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard certified. 
You may click the link for more information about VEGER
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In today’s modern living where people are always busy and on-the-go, everyone’s in search of an affordable yet reliable portable charger to keep their mobile phones up and running.
High quality and stylish powerbank that is not expensive but will always save your day and will last you for a really long time!
Well, search no more! VEGER Powerbank is here to offer you all that and more.
Goodbye to low phone batteries!
Be out and about with no worries!
VEGER. It’s More Than A Powerbank! 
Search for VEGER in LazMall or Shopee Mall. Also available in selected shops at SM Cyberzone. 
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How do you find this powerbank?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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