Sunday, July 15, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

"Do it with passion or not all."
Blogging is awesome!
When I think about that day back in 2013 when I decided to start a blog and the rough and wild path my life has taken since then, I can't help but laugh.
I started my blog as a way to share my daily outfits and random thoughts, and only years have passed that I realized the incredible potential it held.
I didn't know that once a hobby becomes an essential to my daily life and now my passion.
If I'd known all of those things from the beginning, if I'd treated this thing like a means to an end rather than the transformational journey it has been, I honestly don't know if blogging would mean as much to me as it does now.
As with everything in life, my blogging journey has come with its fair share of growing pains.
I had a lot of personal struggles in a lot of ways.
It felt heavy at times.
Not complaining but I actually really enjoy it all.
It gives me purpose and makes me happy whenever I think about my next post.
Something I had never felt before with any other hobby or activities I give myself to.
I am writing this blog because I want to share the reasons why I started blogging and here it goes:
I am not a techie kind of persons or even not working in a digital media, but when I started my blog, I never knew that I would be having so much fun engaging myself in this.
I had followed bloggers for years and I was excited to learn more about this truly unexplored territory for me.
It entails me a new chapter in my life and career.
Years ago when I was still a starting blogger, I don't care much how my readers will feel about my post.
Not until I get inspired for fellow bloggers on how curated and inspiring their post are.
Then, I make a plan to share what I feel and random ramblings which I think will inspire people.
I think sharing the process and real experience will be very useful for my readers.
I am happy to see comments pertaining to the post I share, which my readers are able to connect.
Well, If you see my online presence years ago, you might say that you never heard from me.
It's not because I don't blog, but rather I don't connect much with my readers and fellow bloggers.
Only later on, when I realized that engagement is an important key to success.
Besides that, you are able to gain readers and friends too.
As a millennial, I had a lot of ups and downs and questions on what career should I push through.
I have the habit of jumping one job to another and it is quite alarming to wake up one day to the realization that I am actually pursuing something that I don't like.
When I started blogging, I never knew that I will go this far and will dedicate myself to blogging for almost 6 years in a row now.
I didn't realize that this is the only job I am actually dedicated though it's not full time.
This might not so much be a reason behind why I started blogging, but an explanation for why I've continued.
Well, If you check the blog sphere status right now, you would say that there are a million blogs around the world.
When I started blogging, few are known and this world doesn't pretty much care about bloggers.
I started blogging not because I care about the money or followers I will gain.
I blogged because I foresee that my passion can give great opportunities.
An opportunity to voice myself to the world and able to help and reach out to people.
Now in 2018 that even I had been full of ups and downs, incredible opportunities and many difficult lessons and situations, I can say that blogging will always be my thing.
And will always be!
And for those who haven't started their blog yet, now it's the time to be inspired and inspire other people.
 And for those of you who are already blogging, remember why you started.
Thanks for reading.
I have also been fascinated to hear your thoughts.
I can't wait to read them on below the comment section.
Until next time.
Have a great week ahead.
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