Sunday, February 26, 2017

La Beaujolais Restaurant

La Beaujolais is located in Mercure Abu Dhabi Centre Hotel in Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
If you are looking for a French Cuisine in the heart of the city, you may opt to visit them.
The place looks classic and seems like you are back in time on Audrey Hepburn era.
From chandelier to seating makes it more romantic especially for couples who want to have a great time together.
They have jukebox which you can choose what song to play and I find it cool.
On the day of our visit, they offer us the Brittany Menu and tried their regular menu as well. Here are some of the food we tried:
Salade de Foies de Volaille
It is a pan fried chicken liver salad.
This is the first time I tried chicken liver on salad and this just gives me an idea to try it also at home.
It taste good and compliment well with the green salad.
Bisque de Crevettes du Golfe
It is a gulf shrimp veloute or you may call shrimp soup.
I am always a fan of soup, for me this is my comfort food so when I tried this, I fell in love with it the second I tasted it.
It is smooth and creamy on the mouth.
Saumon Fume et Garnitures
It is a smoked salmon with garnishes.
I always love Salmon in any form it is, raw or cooked or even garnish.
This is a recommended salad for me.
Stuffed Sausage with Fries and Salad.
For me this is a typically hotdog which is bigger in size.
I think men would love this along side with a beer as it is a great appetizer I guess.
Creme Brulee.
It is scorched on top and it is not that taste sweet which I much prefer.
I also ordered the Calamars Farcis a la Basquiase which is stuffed squid in Barquise Style.
I love that the squid is serve fresh and stuffed in a good way.
They have wide variety of region wines as well which is perfect for your meal.
Over all, I love my visit in La Beaujolais because they offer exquisite and fine service.
The staff are awesome and very friendly.
They accommodate all our needs and open to questions asked to them.
If you would love to book a reservation, you may contact +971 2 6333555.
They are open from 12 noon up until 12 midnight everyday.
Thanks for reading.
Hope you love it.

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