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Visiting China in the Winter

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 Although this article is predominantly centred on the best places to go in China during winter, it must be stressed that China is a fascinating country to visit at any time of the year and will bring rich rewards for the more intrepid traveller. As we’re taking about a specific time of year, it should be remembered that China is a vast country and as such possesses a wide range of climates. For example, it could be many degrees below freezing in Beijing but shorts and t-shirt weather in Yunnan in the south of China. In more ways than one, it really is a land of contrasts.

The most popular time for holidays is during the summer months in Europe but more and more people are opting for off season holidays instead. The reasons for this are wide and varied, but the reduced cost of taking a holiday in winter is a main factor. Although the pricing of both small and group China private tours is consistent throughout the year, the cost of international flights and hotels are much cheaper, this also applies to other worldwide destinations.

China – A Real Winter Wonderland

Please see below for a few destinations in China that are great for a winter break. These can be visited as a single destination or as part of a wider tour.

Image Source: Pixabay

ü  The Great Wall of China – The Great Wall of China is of course open to visitors all year round and the main appeal of visiting in the winter is the noticeable lack of crowds. Visiting at this time of year, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wall and the views in ‘relative’ isolation.
ü  Beijing – Beijing is one of those great cities that is fully prepared for the winter season. There are a number of ice-skating rinks throughout the city and the local people make full use of them while they last! You can also visit Beijing during the Chinese New Year for some out of this world celebrations but be warned, the prices do go up significantly.
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ü  Hong Kong – This iconic place has everything you could possibly need and much, much more. The temperature is pleasant and, if you are lucky enough to visit at Christmas, you will see the skyscrapers adorned with festive lighting. This former British colony firmly embraces the western Christmas and all that entails.
ü  Hainan – This island located off the coast of southern China is largely undiscovered by western tourists and makes the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy some beach time. Either visited as single destination or as part of longer holiday, Hainan is a place of relaxation with great food and friendly locals.

For the majority of us, visiting China is a long-haul holiday and you can’t afford to waste a minute. By engaging the services of an experienced tour operator, you will be able to get the very most out of your time in this magical country. 

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