Saturday, September 21, 2019

A guide to finding the best pub grub in Britain

Britain is renowned for being the home of comforting pub grub. While pubs often conjure the image of a landlady with rollers in her hair and round tables littered with curling beer mats, old taverns are now establishments that are usually home to fine local ales, expertly crafted menus and cozy beer gardens. Many local pubs compete for the spot as the best local place for great food and great beer.

Choose somewhere with a seasonal menu

While the United Kingdom might not benefit from the same sunny climate as California or the Tropics, that doesn’t mean it is isn’t abundant with produce. In recent years, the UK has taken to making the most of its own capacity to grow and harvest fruit and veg. Late summer and autumn see local apples making their way into pork dishes and deserts, while in the early spring you’ll find asparagus and samphire making an appearance in more decadent dishes. In Windsor, Berkshire you’ll find The Corner House Pub, which offers traditional British food as part of a seasonal menu.


Look out for awards

Local pubs often enter for awards for their food, service and beer. Looking out for these awards is a great way of establishing who takes their craft seriously. Establishments such as the Good Pub Guide dish out awards for pubs that have excelled at their craft. These badges of honor are based on their dining, their general excellence and sometimes their ability to stand out in their location.

Look for the exotic

Some would argue that what makes for a good pub is not necessarily its traditional atmosphere – it’s the twist it has to offer. It’s recommended that you keep your eyes peeled for pubs that have a unique angle to their menu in terms of global cuisine. By doing this, you will find a pub that ostensibly looks like a quintessential tap house, only to find that it offers a taste from a distant land. In Norwich, for example, you will find pubs that cross over Belgian beer with Thai food, not the first pairing that would come to most people’s mind, but a unique dining experience nonetheless.


Find a family atmosphere

Most local pubs are taken over by a family of some description. Whether it’s a husband and wife, family with children or two best friends; family is broad term for a passionate collective who want to make it work. That passion and warm atmosphere is what makes for a successful pub. This feeling of care and passion should come across on Tripadvisor, their social media and their website.

There are no hard and fast rules as to what makes for a brilliant British pub. Instead, it’s a case of finding somewhere that is well-reviewed, is passionate about what it does and has a menu that has been expertly crafted. Often, you can feel the owners’ passion by just looking at online reviews and how thoughtfully their establishment has been put together.

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